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The Pull List 12/31

By Zach


  • The Twilight Zone #1: Dynamite brings The Twilight Zone back with J. Michael Straczynski writing.  The first story follows corrupt Wall Street investor Trevor Richmond, who hires an experimental company that creates him a new identity, including using a pill that changes his physical appearance.  Thinking he got away with everything, Trevor is shocked when someone who looks like his old self appears on television ready to admit guilt in everything.
  • Superman Unchained #5: Lois learns that true intentions of the terrorist group Ascension, who are using a mineral called Earthstone to take over technology and have learned enough that they are now able to launch every nuclear missile on Earth.  Superman and his fellow superpowered being, Wraith, try to track down the group in the Fortress of Solitude and after a debate about why Superman is not working directly for the USA, Wraith reveals he was still working with General Lane to gain access to the Fortress and pulls an alien gun on Superman.
  • GI Joe #12: Cobra Commander hires a new member, Siren, who is working with Cobra to recover her son from slave traders.  In exchange, she heads out with Baroness to spread the history of Cobra throughout the criminal underworld and the history of past Commanders throughout the ages is revealed, including a pirate Commander, a 1910’s Commander and a 60’s gardening enthusiast Commander, all of whom are ruthless tacticians.
  • Robocop: Last Stand #6: After a devastating defeat at the hands of OCP, Murphy is disassembled at OCP HQ but his partner, Marie, planned for an AI of herself to be uploaded into OCP’s database and she reassembles and upgrades Murphy into a flying war machine and starts to build a new robot body for herself but the insane OCP executive, Ms. Faxx, brings down the entire OCP database before it is completed.  Murphy, meanwhile, flies back to defend the neighborhood he was hiding in against a fleet of OCP helicopters.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #10: Gamora and Angela head to the Baddoon homeworld to try and find Thanos and, while he’s not there, they manage to take down a group of slavers and free the various aliens who were captured.  One of the dying slave traders says Thanos is still on Earth, which the Guardians find hard to believe but they head back there anyway.
  • Savage Wolverine #13: Wolverine takes down the warehouse full of illegally obtained animal parts that Tyger Tiger has allowed to operate in Madripoor and cuts off his own face to prove a point about how the animals that were killed suffered.  Kitty Pryde and Scott Ramsey manage to find Logan’s lost elephant friend and he brings the tusks back to her in Africa.  Kitty and the X-Men then drop off a ton of supplies for the group trying to protect the animals while Logan goes to hunt the hunters.


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