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Chris’s Top Ten of 2013

Posted on January 1, 2014 by

First, I am going to address a few things with my list, I didn’t see a whole of 2013 releases initially, and I missed the boat on some of the more recent release of December-January (Out of the Furnace, Saving Mr. Banks, American Hustle, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas), and Thor 2: The Dark World, which rocked because Zach keeps reminding me of my failure. Second, I feel 2013 has been a year of movies that is meant to maintain the comic book movie momentum created by The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, so anything that wasn’t based on a comic book this year stood out more to me.

Now, let’s get to see my top list.


1) The World’s End
The witty writing of Edgar Wright, the classic comedy duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, refreshing take on robots, all equal an awesome movie about a pub crawl. I left this movie deeply satisfy about the premise and the hilarious charm of the actors.

2) Anchorman 2
It’s Anchorman set in the 80’s, what else can I add to make you see this.

3) Pacific Rim
Giant robots punching monsters has to be the worst military action, but makes awesome entertainment. Seriously, no real military are going to produce robots that do half of these things; 3 armed robots, super Russian boxing robot, and a positive use of Nuclear technology.

4) Rush

Hey, a Ron Howard movie made it on my list. This “biographical sports drama film”, a combinations of words I thought I wouldn’t use in this site, is about the real life racing rivalry of James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Since this is a RH film, Rush is shot beautify and the story has been Hollywood-ifed to add the needed tension that wasn’t there in the real events.

5) Iron Man 3
This was a debatable movie for me since the common trend of comic book triquals these days is doubting your responsibly as a superhero and giving up the mantle for poor reasons. Iron Man 3 has Tony Stark giving witty banter to everyone he comes across and the a plot twist that doesn’t change anything important to the story. Oh, and you can cure PTSD by more stress (Don’t actually do this). But if you overlook some of the weird flaws, you get another Iron Man movie that has everything you come to like about this modern age Tony Stark, which was something I demanded more of and received.

6) The Wolverine
Hugh Jackman’s 6th Wolverine role is a nice nod to the Frank Miller era Wolverine that made the character ionic in the 70’s. The modern take on Wolverine is pretty good for a general audience, and the story is acceptable to compare to the original material. Plus this is leaps and bounds to that hot mess that Marvel anime of Wolverine.

7) Star Trek Into Darkness
I was a fan of the previous JJ Star Trek and this latest entry continues the fast pace and visually intense nature. The addition of Sherlock Holmes adds a nice throw back to evil British people in sci-fi.

8) GI Joe: Retaliation
I couldn’t believe there was a way to salvage the train wreck of my childhood memory that GI Joe: Rise of Cobra left behind. This sequel shows that you don’t need crappy robot suits that break off to make a decent movie.

9) Olympus Has Fallen
Gerard Butler stars in what should had been a die-hard sequel and it’s a great violent flick that brings me back to the over the top action days of 90’s movies.

10) Only God Forgives
Love it or Hate it, this movie sticks with you long after it’s over. From the stunning visuals, the well selected choice of music and the Thai culture of Karaoke. OGF will be a debatable movie for a while due to its bizarre and glory symbolizes and creepy incent tone.

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