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News Shotgun 1/10


  • Universal developing a Nazi fighting werewolf movie: Universal hasn’t had much success with werwolves lately, with The Wolf Man and Werewolf: The Beast Among Us both being pretty awful but they are trying again with a movie based on the 1989 novel, The Wolf’s Hour, where a werewolf working for the Allies infiltrates Paris to stop a Nazi plot against London.
  • Possible short list for Kyle Reese: The new Terminator movie has Arnold and Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor and Jason Clarke as John Connor and now the hunt is on for a new Kyle Reese.  Actors testing for the role include Jai Courtney, Boy Holbrook of The Host, Thomas Cocquerel, Wilson Bethel of Hart of Dixie and Sam Reid of Anonymous.
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire the highest grossing film of 2013: Iron Man 3 seemed to have it wrapped up but the final numbers put the second Hunger Games film as the highest grossing movie of last year, making $409.389 million over Iron Man 3’s $409.013 million.  Catching Fire is now the 13th highest grossing movie of all time with Iron Man 3 in 14th.
  • TV News: Game of Thrones is back on April 6th, Boardwalk Empire will be ending after it’s fifth season and Justified will possibly end after it’s sixth season.
  • Replacement for Paul Walker chosen for new Hitman movieOne of the projects lined up for Paul Walker before his tragic death last year was a new take on the Hitman video game series, previously hitting the big screen with Timothy Olyphant in the lead role.  Homeland star Rupert Friend as been chosen to replace Walker as Agent 47.  Friend plays CIA agent Peter Quinn on Homeland.
  • WWE announces WWE Network at CES: Potentially huge news for wrestling fans came out of CES this past week as the WWE announced their plans for the WWE Network.  Paying a monthly fee of $9.99 a month (six month minimum commitment) gives subscribers access to the entire back catalog of events  from WWE, WCW and ECW as well as live streaming original programming and upcoming Pay Per View events are included in the subscription.  The network is set to launch on February 24th, just in time for Wrestlemania 30.
  • Newest Marvel One Shot focuses on The MandarinAll Hail the King is the latest Marvel One Shot, coming up on the Thor 2 Blu Ray.  The short will focus on Ben Kingsley’s Trevor Slattery, aka The Mandarin, as he deals with his new found infamy while locked up in a maximum security prison.
  • Gerard Butler cast in Point Break remake: Butler has been cast as Brody, originally played by Patrick Swayze, in the upcoming Point Break remake.
  • Zoe Saldana starring in Rosemary’s Baby seriesThe Star Trek co-star will be starring in NBC’s four hour mini series reimagining of the horror classic, claiming it’s not based on the Polanski film version but the original novel.
  • Matt Reeves signed on for Planet of the Apes threequel:   Dawn of the Planet of the Apes will hopefully be as great as Rise but before we even know if it is or not, a third entry in the reboot series has been greenlit and Dawn director, Matt Reeves, will return to direct.
  • Next gen Alien game, Alien: Isolation, on the way:   Coming for Xbox One, PS 4 and PC some time in the near future is a new game in the Alien series, Isolation.  Following Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, sometime between Alien and Aliens, the game is promising to be a true survival horror experience, as opposed to the awful action shooter garbage that was last year’s Colonial Marines.
  • Stan Lee guest starring on Agents of SHIELD:   Although they should probably be trying to bring in more actual comic characters and interesting plots, it was announced that the man himself, Stan Lee, will be guest starring on the upcoming Feb. 4th episode of SHIELD.
  • Toad back in X-Men: Days of Future PastOriginally played by Ray Park way back in the first X-Men movie, a younger Toad will be back for Days of Future Past, played by relatively unknown Eric Jonigkeit.
  • Louis CK releasing his first movie for $5 later this yearLouis CK has had a ton of success releasing albums and specials on his website and later this year, he’ll release the first movie he directed, Tomorrow Night.  It premiered at Sundance in 1998 but was never picked up for distribution.  It stars comedians like Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, JB Smoove and Wanda Sykes well before they hit it big.


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