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Doomed! Trailer

By Zach


Roger Corman produced a ton of cheesy, awesomely  bad movies but there’s one film that he was behind that never came to be, the 1994 film version of the Fantastic Four.  In the dark days of Generation X and Nick Fury movies starring David Hasselhoff, the Fantastic Four was set to hit theaters until it just disappeared, never to be released.  Maybe due to renewed interest thanks to Tobias’ somehow even worse version during season four of Arrested Development and recent documentaries looking into failures like Best Worst Movie and the upcoming Death of Superman Lives, Doomed! is an upcoming documentary looking into the making of the Corman Fantastic Four.  Some things from the lost movie look actually kind of good, like Doctor Doom’s costume, but from all accounts, most everything else is terrible in the worst way possible.  There’s not a solid release date yet but you can check out the trailer below.


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