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For ISIS Eyes Only: A Debt of Honor

By Zach


We’re only officially in the second episode of Archer Vice but things are already spiraling hilariously out of control.

Still stuck with the counterfeit bills from last week, Cyril says they are high quality fakes, so they could use them to buy something.  Archer suggests they buy 50 Cadillacs to start a dealership, because Ron (who makes his first appearance this season) is doing well, but the gang eventually settles on getting weapons and set about trying to find an arms dealer from the ISIS files but Pam, completely addicted and hopped up on cocaine, takes the money and buys amphetamines from the Yakuza, who realize they are counterfeit and demand the drugs and Pam’s head to settle the insult to their honor.


Cheryl reveals that one of her crazy great uncles has an arsenal of old guns that the gang could use if the Yakuza storm the mansion but after Ron takes a shot to the gut, Cheryl also reveals that another of her crazy great uncles built tunnels going from the mansion to all over NYC in an attempt to find the Underground Railroad, which he believed was an actual railroad run by slaves.


Cyril, Pam and Cheryl get Ron to the hospital while Archer puts on his “slightly darker suit” and uses another tunnel to sneak his way to limo with the Yakuza boss, Mr. Moto (voiced by special guest George Takei) and after a fight with his driver, manages to make a deal with Mr. Moto to leave them alone in exchange for the cocaine (I’m not 100% sure if the gang gets to keep the amphetamines as I was as distracted as Mr. Moto by Archer’s constant shooting of his Winchester 1887 into Mr. Moto’s ear).  I’m sure this isn’t the first organized crime the gang will run into this season.

  • Obscure Pop Culture Reference of the Week: It was a visual gag but since he’s using a Winchester 1887 as a weapon for most of the episode, Archer, of course, reloads it by flipping it like Arnold did in Terminator 2.


  • Archer’s original plan to get real money is to buy gum from a deli and get $99.50 in change. Cyril tells him he’ll have to do this 10,000 times and they’ll still be short.
  • Ron Cadillac smoked reefer one time in the 40’s with some cool “Negro jazz cats”
  • Archer and the Yakuza are both fans of the Price is Right “wrong” sound app.
  • Archer gets real while he’s sneaking into Mr. Moto’s limo by realizing he’s been shot at least 26 times and probably will be “mad as a hatter” by the time he’s 60 due to lead poisoning.
  • Unfortunately, there isn’t a Scrooge McDuckesque vault in Cheryl’s mansion, but there is an old timey gym that currently has Woodhouse trapped under a medicine ball.
  • “My point…unless Pam ate it!”

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