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The Pull List 1/29


  • TMNT #30: The Turtles are still trying to recover in Northhampton but things slowly get better as Leo makes the first step toward recovering from the brain washing by Shredder, Splinter’s broken leg is healing and the group makes peace with Shredder’s former mutant henchman, Aloplex, who stowed away in April’s van on the trip out of NYC.  Speaking of April, she learns that her father was one of the men who originally created the ooze that mutated Spinter and the Turtles.
  • Night of the Living Deadpool #2: The Romeroesque apocalypse that Deadpool finds himself in gets worse this issue as DP slowly loses all of his survivor allies to the zombie hordes as they spend weeks finding strangely familiar but not safe locations.  DP eventually finds himself in West Virginia looking at a seemingly safe haven but a group of old ladies arrive who want to blow it up.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #11: After defending the Earth from Thanos, Peter Quill lays low in an intergalactic cantina, only to get drugged by a bounty hunting Skrull posing as Gamorra.  The real Gamorra and Angela are shopping in the market nearby and rescue him and, back on the ship, they learn from Rocket that the Shi’ar empire is looking to capture the young Jean Grey from the past (currently in the present) to try her for the future crimes she will commit as Phoenix.  The Guardians try to intervene but lose the Shi’ar ship in orbit over Canada.
  • Thor: God of Thunder #18: Young Thor wakes up with a massive hangover and tries to piece together the events of his supposed battle with a dragon.  It turns out he and the dragon actually fought a group of trolls together and then got drunk on their supply of mead.  Months later, the dragon causes havoc with the local villagers, drinking all their alcohol and being a nuisance.  Thor arrives and tries to talk sense into him but is unable to, and the two eventually have to battle with Thor ending up on top, but swearing off mead for a while.


  • Deadpool: The Gauntlet #4: Deadpool has unleashed Shiklah, the vampire succubus queen, and the two try to hitch a ride out of Greece to get back to NYC so Shiklah can marry Dracula.  Blade shows up to ruin Deadpool’s plan and Shiklah reveals her true, demonic, self.  Back in NYC, Dracula meets Shiklah’s brothers, who were presumed dead, which ruins his plan to get Shiklah’s land and wealth upon their marriage.
  • Thunderbolts #21: Trapped in Hell, the Thunderbolts try to make their way out with Ghost Rider as their guide but learn that Red Hulk has a demonic mark on him that is preventing them from leaving.  The mark was placed by Mephisto, who has been usurped as leader of Hell.  After making a legally binding contract with Leader (notarized by Deadpool), the Thunderbolts square off against the new king of Hell.  Back on Earth, Elektra gets bored and gets an assassination job, which Punisher comes along for.  Mercy arrives and demands that they take her to Red Hulk to get the souls she was promised.
  • Ghostbusters #12: The Ghostbusters close out the year battling another Bogeyman and Egon theorizes that the years of childhood fear is powering the latest ghosts they’ve fought.  The gang manages to defeat the powerful spirit with four separate traps but there may still be something bad coming down the pike.  In Chicago, The Rookie reunites with his game co-star, Dr. Selwyn, when she is setting up a new Gozer exhibit in the Chicago Natural History Museum.  As with most Gozer things, a spirit causes a stuff two headed panther to come to life and attack The Rookie’s partner, Ron, but The Rookie is able to destroy an obelisk and contain the paranormal activity, for now.
  • Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #8: Godzilla battles the Devonian creation Biolante on Monster Island while Jet Jaguar gets special forces soldiers Woods and Chavez to safety.  The Devonians rival aliens, the Cybog, are all killed and the Devonians choose that moment to unleash a trio of new monsters.
  • Star Trek #29: Jane Tiberia Kirk commands an almost all female crewed Enterprise in an alternate universe.  After observing and helping some primitive aliens, the crew is called to investigate an anomaly that is similar to the one brought Nero (or maybe Nera in this universe) into the time stream.  The crew goes through the anomaly and comes face to face with our Enterprise crew, leading to the question will Kirk try to hit on him(her)self?

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