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24: Live Another Day Trailer *Updated*


America’s greatest hero, Jack Bauer, is back but across the pond this time for the upcoming 12 episode season, Live Another Day.  On the run after the events of Season 8, Jack finds himself in London and, when the threat of a terrorist attack rears it’s head, Jack springs into action, even though the CIA are hot on his heels.  His closest ally, Chloe O’Brian is in London as well and has apparently been helping Jack avoid capture since the end of the series, making a her a fugitive as well.  Audrey Raines and James Heller also return, having not been seen since season six.  The season starts in May and the first trailer is here, setting the tone and letting everyone know that Jack is Back (also back will be The Jack Attack recaps for every episode).


*Update* 3/9/2014:  The first trailer with footage is out and while it’s short, it shows what we can expect, plot wise, from the new season.  There’s a plot to kill the President while he is in London and Jack shows up on a security feed, alerting the various government agencies about where he is.  Despite being labeled as a trailer, Jack is determined to stop World War III from breaking out.


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