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For ISIS Eyes Only: House Call

By Zach


Another episode that takes place entirely in Tunt Manor this week, but as Dr. Kreiger and Cyril discover, so there’s so many creepy, unexplored sections of the mansion, I would probably be fine if the whole season took place there.

Pam is still a raging coke fiend, although it’s had the side effect of slimming down her waist line.  The team realizes they have to get her clean before either A) she kills herself or B) eats all the cocaine.  Pam is not receptive to an intervention and no one wants to go through with Mallory’s plan to bake her a cake of cocaine to “send her out with dignity” but Dr. Kreiger arrives and reveals he has a new, smaller microchip that they can inject into Pam’s brain and stop her addiction.  Before they can do that though, Pam breaks free, Incredible Hulk style, grabs Cheryl and runs off deep into the mansion.  Kreiger has an arsenal of tranquilizer darts and the group sets out to hunt Pam down but FBI Agent Holly arrives to make sure no illegal activity is happening.  Holly is free to wander the mansion because Woodhouse invited him in and:


Lana goes to make sure Holly doesn’t find the cocaine and contemplates turning everyone in to save herself and her baby but realizes she can’t leave and betray the group.  She and Archer actually have a some what serious heart to heart (even though Archer hints at getting a blow job/rim job) conversation and the day is saved when they discover a rotating wall in the area they are storing the coke in.  The group puts Pam down and spins the wall away so Holly is none the wiser.


Kreiger and Cyril then have a decision, since they only have one microchip, to either cure Pam’s addiction, but lose her new slim and busty self, or cure Cheryl’s stage fright and turn her into a country superstar.


Archer is also going to head out to track down some of ISIS’ old international contacts and try sell the cocaine to a cartel.  The show is off for 3 weeks, so we’ll see you back here then.

  • Obscure Pop Culture Reference of the Week: Archer references Popeye Doyle from The French Connection when they are discussing trying to get Pam clean and also refers specifically to Lou Ferigno’s Hulk when talking about how crazy strong Pam is.
  • Unlike his fellow former spy in Miami, Michael Westen, Archer has never had yogurt but seems to enjoy Pam’s cocaine filled version, although he’s concerned children are eating it.
  • Archer also quotes the infamous drug PSA, “I learned it from watching you!”
  • Cyril’s use of the Metric System to describe their remaining coke rubs off on the rest of the team as they constantly correct themselves for the rest of the episode
  • Apparently all Ray needs to walk again is a couple of button presses to reboot his robotic leg system
  • Shockingly, Archer has no idea about any of the various forms of pornography because “I have sex with real women Cyril!”,  but he did research every possible complication that could occur for Lana’s pregnancy.
  • Apparently the group is done with their “Phrasing!” catchphrase whenever a double entendre is said, so Archer tries out “As Ripley said to the android Bishop” as a substitute.


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