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News Shotgun 2/7


  • New Transporter in the works: Although without Statham as Frank Martin, this new movie will follow a younger Frank and be a prequel/origin story of The Transporter.  Luc Besson’s Europa will produce the movie.
  • Mechanic 2 coming: A movie Statham will be in is a sequel to The Mechanic, itself a remake of the Charles Bronson classic.  Dennis Gansel, director of The Wave, is in talks to direct.
  • Paul Bettany playing The Vision in Age of Ultron: The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s AI take on Tony Stark’s loyal butler, Jarvis, will be getting a body and new identity if the recent casting news is any indication as Paul Bettany, who has voiced Jarvis since Iron Man 1, was revealed to be playing Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  In the comics, Vision is created by Ultron but is converted the forces of good and becomes an Avenger, even marrying Scarlet Witch.
  • AMC confirms a Preacher show is in development: It was basically confirmed but AMC officially announced this week that they are developing a series based on the seminal, critically acclaimed Preacher series.  Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the duo who brought us This is the End last year, will be writing the pilot episode.
  • Kevin Smith puts Clerks III on hold for “Comes the Krampus”Kevin Smith has been working on the third installment of the Clerks series but is apparently putting it on hold to instead move forward with a holiday horror anthology movie called “Comes the Krampus”.  Different directors will take on different segments.  Smith wants to get the idea made before someone, “steals it from him”.
  • Sherlock Season 4 may be over two years away: Because of Stephen Moffatt’s split attention between Sherlock and Doctor Who, and the increasingly busy schedules of Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch, we may have to wait two years to pick up what happens to Sherlock and Watson.
  • Gary Oldman talked to Lucasfilm about Episode VII: Although not officially cast or anything, Gary Oldman confirmed that Lucasfilm has been talking to him about appearing JJ Abrams’ Episode VII.
  • The ExpendaBelles gets a director: The all-female Expendablesesque movie has gotten a director with Legally Blonde’s Robert Luketic.  The movie, which Stallone is producing, follows a team of female operatives who are shipped into an island ruled by an evil dictator, under cover as call girls, to take him out.
  • Evangeline Lilly in talks for female lead of Ant Man: The Lost and Hobbit star is in talks for the unnamed female lead of Ant Man, which has Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas as two incarnations of the character.  The main lady in Ant-Man’s life is Janet Van Dyne aka The Wasp, who has yet to make her Cinematic Universe debut but has been a long standing member of The Avengers in the comics.
  • Marc Forster directing sci-fi/action movie, Red Rising: Forster, who directed World War Z last year, is directing the adaptation of the book of the same name.  It follows a protagonist named Red, who is part of a group working grueling hours to try and make the surface of Mars livable, only to discover that he and his fellow workers are really slaves and that the surface has been livable for generations.
  • Seth Gordon attached to Queen of Hearts and Uncharted: The Horrible Bosses director, and current Executive Producer on The Goldbergs, has signed on to direct a Lewis Caroll bio-pic called Queen of Hearts, which details the relationship that inspired Alice in Wonderland and, more importantly, Uncharted, based on the excellent PS3 action/adventure series that has been slightly dormant since David O. Russell and Mark Wahlberg left the project.
  • SyFy getting DMZ seriesProducers of Mad Men and Gravity are bringing the comic series DMZ to SyFy.  The comic takes place after the “Second American Civil War”, which leaves Manhattan a DMZ and it follows a photojournalist embedded there, who must deal with the various factions that spring up.
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies back on: Going through multiple stars and directors, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies may be going into production soon, wit ha script from David O. Russell.  Lilly Collins was attached to star.
  • House of Cards renewed for third season: The second season of Netflix’s acclaimed political drama is set to debut on Valentine’s Day but it’s already been renewed for another season of 13 episodes.
  • Adult Swim expandingCartoon Network’s primetime schedule will be totally taken over by the Adult Swim block in the near future, as Adult Swim will start at 8 PM and go all the way to 6 AM.  The block has always been successful, with recent show Rick & Morty being a massive hit and it’ s reruns of Family Guy and Futurama being instrumental in bringing those shows back from the dead.
  • Aaron Eckhart and Miles Teller starring in Martin Scorsese produced Bleed for This: Teller will star as boxer Vinny Pazienza, who was an up and coming boxer nicknamed the Pazmanian Devil when he was involved in a horrific car crash in 1991 and it was unclear if he would even walk again, let alone fight but he was able to return to the ring a year later thanks to his trainer, who will be played by Eckhart.
  • American Gods TV series at new company: The novel by Neil Gaiman, where a man is caught between a battle between old and new gods, was going to head to HBO but that fell through and now Fremantlemedia North America has the rights and is restarting work on the series.
  • Justice League: War starting DC animated continuityJust released this week, Justice League: War will be the start of a connected DC animated universe, which is appropriate as it was the first Justice League story of the New 52, which was the reboot of the comic universe.


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