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Zombeavers Trailer


If you’re hungry for more Sharknado style insanity, then you should definitely keep an eye out for Zombeavers when it hits later this year.  A group of dumb coeds head out for a weekend of partying in the country, only to find that the cabin they are staying in is next to a beaver dam infested by zombie beavers.  It seems completely self aware in it’s awfulness and it looks like there’s going to be all sorts of over the top kills for beaver and human alike along with all the double entendres regarding beavers you would hope to hear with a movie this ridiculous.  I really appreciate the fact that it looks like they made a bunch of practical zombeavers, so it’s not all terrible CG.  Bill Burr is apparently in this movie as well, although I don’t think I saw him in the trailer and it was written by Al and Jon Kaplan, who did all the amazing Arnold and Stallone musical videos on youtube.  There’s no solid release date yet but hopefully the Zombeavers will be unleashed on VoD and DVD soon.

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