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The Pull List 2/12


  • Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #5: The Rogues are captured by the Royal Flush Gang, who are holding their leader Lisa aka Glider hostage.  Weather Wizard takes matters into his own hands and kills the Diamonds transporting them but, after a disagreement with Mirror Master, strikes out on his own.  Mirror Master and Trickster try to trick the Ace of the Royal Flushes with an illusion but all hell breaks out when Johnny Quick and Atomica attack.  Weather Wizard returns and tries to freeze Quick but takes a bullet to the head, that is fortunately only a graze due to the wind he was generating.  The Rogues rescue Lisa but are left face to face with a group of super villains led by Gorilla Grodd.
  • Suicide Squad #28: OMAC/The Thinker is on the rampage in Belle Reve and manages to take out King Shark and his father.  Harley switches sides again and joins the returning Squad members to try and figure out some way to stop OMAC.  With heavy hitters like Power Girl and Steel getting knocked out, Amanda Waller reveals an ace in the hole, “magic bullets” that should embue whoever is shot with them with enhanced strength, stamina and other atrributes.  Deadshot shoots Harley, Amanda and himself but we won’t know until next issue if it worked or not.
  • Thor: God of Thunder #19:  SHIELD environmental agent Roz Solomon is working in the Arctic to investigate and take down Roxxon, who are claiming to be working to better humanity by importing ice from Titan.  Roz accuses them of a number of heinous environmental crimes and Thor, eager to impress her, joins her quest to take them down.  A glimpse into the future reveals they may not succeed as King Thor visits a dead Earth with his grandaughters.
  • Secret Avengers #15: Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury manage to fight their way through the troops of AIM Island and rescue Mockingbird, who is still suffering from massive amnesia.  Taking down a robotic version of Shang Chi, the group manages to steal an AIM submarine but Mockingbird is shot and killed by an AIM sniper.  On board the sub, the group is shocked to see that it’s not Mockingbird but Yelena Belova, the former Black Widow who was one of AIM Island’s cabinet members.  Meanwhile, Maria Hill makes a deal with MODOK for MODOK and his men to get immunity in exchange for researching and developing new tech for SHIELD.
  • Batman #28: Zero Year will resolve next month but this issue is a preview of what’s to come in the new Batman Eternal book.  Beginning in media res, Gotham has undergone some sort of event, with an “infection” spreading and Selina Kyle now running the underworld.  Batman and his new sidekick, Bluebird aka Harper Row, who uses a variety of electricity based guns to stun the bad guys.  Determined to save Gotham, Batman and Bluebird ask Selina for help and she reveals a mysterious girl named Spoiler, who can supposedly see what will happen in the future.  Eternal will officially start in April.


  • The Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #1: A very Bondesque adventure begins in this mini-series as OG Nick Fury and fellow SHIELD agent Ran Shen are sent to Castle Hydra to recover a pair of Nazi scientists who have perfected the secrets of alchemy, allowing Hydra to create unlimited precious materials and give them control over the planet.  Taking different routes, Ran tries the subtle approach but his suave romancing of a Hydra guest goes wrong when it’s revealed to be the hideous Madame Worm.  Fury arrives just in time to burn her out and the two rescue the scientists, only to have them snatched by the Winter Soldier.  After a wing suit chase, Ran and the scientists escape but Winter Soldier is still after them and Nick is missing.
  • Eternal Warrior #6: In the year 4001 AD, Gillad and his grandaughter Caroline enter a city being run by a crazy maniac, who is building and sending out robots to enslave the nearby villages.  After they try to take Caroline, Gillad takes down most of the guards, robots and The Boss, becoming the new boss of the city.  After a tour, Gillad is horrified to learn the city has uncovered and is using an old nuclear reactor, exposing everyone in the city to lethal radiation.  At his grandaughter’s behest, Gillad agrees to try and save the people and take down the mysterious king, who has been ordering the robots built.
  • Astro City #9: Winged Victory fights off an attack by the Iron Legion, only to have a warrant for her arrest put out by EAGLE.  She and Samaritan head to the Confessor’s cathedral lair but they still don’t have any solid evidence behind who is ruining Winged Victory’s credibility.  Going off on her own, Winged Victory meets one of the woman of the Council of Nike, who granted her her power and vows to keep fighting.
  • Deadpool #23: In a wonderful homage to Aliens, Deadpool manages to wreak total havoc on the ULTIMATUM copy cat helicarrier, seriously wounding the SHIELD double agent Gorman, who manages to get away on a jet pack.  Deadpool blows up the helicarrier, which slightly annoys Agent Coulson, but with everything wrapped up, Agent Preston may finally be able to leave Deadpool’s head.
  • Deadpool: The Gauntlet #6: After having a wonderful time in Paris, stealing katanas from the Louvre and such, Deadpool and Queen Shiklah enter the catacombs, only to be confronted by the spirits of the people buried there, not too happy with the intrusion.  Deadpool is briefly possessed but Shiklah manages to cast a spell and kisses Deadpool to expell the spirit.  With the two getting closer and realizing how much they have in common, Deadpool tries to stay professional and arranges transport from Paris from his friend, Hydra Bob, but they are locked up on a Hydra submarine, which is then hijacked by AIM.


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