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The Pull List 2/19


  • New Warriors #1: After years disbanded following the start of the Civil War, The New Warriors are reforming with original members Speedball and Justice being joined by Kid Nova, Sam Alexander, Scarlet Spider, Hummingbird and Sun Girl but they are still scattered across the country this issue but they all witness strange robots scanning for mutant blood and then burning and killing everyone in the area where it’s detected.
  • Captain America #17: The countermeasure to Captain America, the mysterious Captain Mindbubble, is released from his prison after rogue super solider exploded in a SHIELD base.  Falcon is in critical condition and Nick Fury is mind controlled by one of Mindbubble’s bubbles, breaking into the SHIELD database.  Cap and Jet Black, meanwhile, foil an attack by soldiers working for The Iron Nail, an Asian supervillain loooking to take down the corrupt West.
  • Seekers of the Weird #2: Twins Maxwell and Melody must recover a collection of bizarre furniture to recover an artifact called the Coffin Clock to rescue their kidnapped parents.  Their uncle, Roland, tried to get the objects himself but suffered a magical injury that causes him to lose his legs.  After getting a few answers in an enchanted library, the twins set off into the Museum of the Weird but are stopped by the Wardens, guardians of the museum who tell them they will destroy the world if they attempt what they attempting.
  • Night of the Living Deadpool #3: After taking out a group of murderous old ladies trying to destroy all attempts at rebuilding civilization, Wade thinks he’s found some peace and quiet but he finds that even with his amplified healing factor, he’s not immune to the zombie bite he suffered earlier and causes the destruction of the town by killing and turning some of the townspeople.  His healing factor does eventually purge the infection but the damage is done.  Wade is left on his own again.  Earlier he also learned that AIM is responsible for the zombie outbreak.


  • Nova #13: After inadvertently helping an intergalactic criminal last issue, Beta Ray Bill arrives on Earth to get justice from the “Black Nova”.  After a brief skirmish, Sam realizes what he did and offers to help Bill track down and take down the criminal, Skaarn.  Bailing on babysitting again, Bill and Sam head off into space.
  • Animal Man #28:Buddy Baker manages to focus all his power and take down the evil Red totem who betrayed them all and then, with help from a giant crow created by a dying Shepherd, takes the fight to Brother Blood and finally takes him down, saving the Red but his alien ally that he promised to replace is looking on and seems ready to collect on their bargain.
  • Savage Wolverine #15: Logan tracks down his murdered friend Elias’ daughter, Sophia and gets her and the other kids to safety after a vicious battle with the kidnappers.  On the run in depression era America, Logan gets some help from a friend who runs a brothel and gets a car to get the kids south to their Aunt.  On the road, they are stopped by cops and Logan turns himself in to avoid the kids getting locked up to, leaving the kids in the care of the oldest brother, Peter.
  • Deadpool: The Gauntlet #7: Halfway through this mini-series and Deadpool is falling harder for the lovely and deadly Queen Shiklah, especially after seeing her tear through a squad of AIM soldiers. MODOK arrives and briefly takes control of Shiklah, transporting them from a HYDRA submarine to an AIM hovership.  Wade tosses a grenade into the tractor beam and hijacks MODOK’s chair, carrying him, Shiklah and Hydra Bob to safety.  Meanwhile, having taken too long, Dracula cancels Wade’s contract and unleashes a werewolf named Jack Russell to find him, kill him and recover Shiklah.


  • The X-Files Conspiracy: TMNT: Part of a big crossover at IDW, The Lone Gunmen have gotten news from the future about a deadly disease outbreak and have followed the evidence, with help from Mulder, to NYC, looking for what they believe are giant amphibious aliens.  They are actually looking for the TMNT and, after Leo is photographed by teens looking for vampires, the Gunmen arrive in Northhampton, just in time to get caught in a fight between the Turtles and vampires who have taken over the nearby town.  The turtles fight off the vampires and Leo agrees to give the Gunmen a sample of his blood if it will help them stop the virus.
  • Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #9: Kaiju researcher Lucy washes up on the shores of a mysterious island after the aircraft carrier she was on is caught in a battle between three monsters (including Titanosaurus) and Godzilla.  It turns out the island is the sanctuary of Mothra and her followers.  Lucy learns about the balance that is kept between the various monsters and that the balance is on the brink of collapsing, with Godzilla being the only force that can stop it.  If you’re a Kaiju fan, there’s a fantastic flashback to a battle between Megalon and King Caesar.
  • The Punisher #2: Tracking a drug cartel to Los Angeles, Frank witnesses a deal between the cartel and AIM but is unable to see what the deal is for because his night vision goggles are shorted out.  He manages to take out two cartel members and rescues a wounded coyote.  The next day, a group of police are killed by a powerful new weapon the cartel has and Frank intervenes and is attacked by the weapon himself on the highway and finds out that it’s actually Electro.
  • Unity #4: The Unity team launches a strike against their former leader, Toyo Harada, after learning what he plans to do with the Manowar armor.  Livewire, who fused with the armor previously, takes it back and temporarily takes out Harada by flying him into the thin atmosphere above Earth.  Livewire, MI-6 agent Ninjak and immortal Gillad then head to Camp Sigma and deliver the armor back to it’s rightful owner, Aric of Dacia, and form an alliance with him to help them defeat Harada and any other threats that may appear.
  • Ash and the Army of Darkness #4: Sheila and Ash arrive in familiar territory as they come to the graveyard where Ash originally recovered the Necromonicon.  With the same choice between six different books, Ash choose wrong again and forgets to say the magic words, unleashing a new, even more powerful looking Evil Ash.  Meanwhile, the Deadite army arrives at the castle where Arthur and Henry are hiding and awaiting reinforcements.



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