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Everything Action Theater: No Retreat, No Surrender


Van Damme is currently enjoying a great run playing villains in movies like Enemies Closer, Universal Solider: Day of Reckoning and The Expendables 2 but one of his earliest roles was as a Russian karate villain in No Retreat, No Surrender.  Van Damme plays Ivan, who is the enforcer for a crime syndicate that, for some reason, is buying/stealing karate dojos along the west coast.  Teen Jason Sitwell and his family are forced out of their dojo in California and forced to flee to Seattle.  When the syndicate targets Seattle a few weeks later, Jason must train with the ghost of Bruce Lee (literally) to be able to defeat Ivan and save the local dojo.  It’s pure 80’s insanity but it’s also tons of fun and you can watch the whole thing below.


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