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Day 1 of Monster Mania 2014

Posted on March 8, 2014 by


After making the pilgrimage to NJ, Chris and I headed to see what Friday night of Monster Mania 27 had to offer.











If you’re a fan of bootleg cartoon seasons, lax open container policies and drunk celebrities, Monster Mania is definitely the place to come.  On our tour around to the various vendors, there were quite a few weird terrible action movies, toys and other goodies that caught our eye as well as a number of independent horror films promoting themselves at the Con.  After passing an extremely drunk Tony Todd, we also checked out the autograph room and saw some of the cast members from The Crow, The Walking Dead and Ernie Hudson(!)

We wrapped up the night at the Con by grabbing a quick drink at the hotel bar and then headed upstairs to watch the most recent Texas Chainsaw movie:


Quick Review: It’s all right but it takes a weird turn about 2/3rds of the way through and basically turns Leatherface into, at the very least, an anti-hero if not a full blown hero by the end.  It also has possibly the dumbest, clumsiest characters I’ve ever seen in a horror movie that wasn’t a horror comedy.  It’s on Netflix and might be a solid drunk watch (or commentary?).

Things closed out with Michael Myers playing piano, so basically the perfect end to Day 1 at Monster Mania:

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