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The Pull List 3/12

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  • Judge Dredd #17: Judge Death returns with an entire army of Dark Judges at his back including his old friends Fire, Fear and Mortis and new ones like Choke, Fistula and Burroughs.  The Dark Judges lay waste to Sector 1 of Mega City One, causing the cowardly Judge Cal to order the sector abandoned and the only person who can possibly stop the DJs, Dredd, is on his way to Titan as punishment for crimes he did not commit.
  • Robocop: Last Stand #8: An epilogue to mini series, after defeating OCP, Murphy must deal with a gang calling themselves the Scavengers, who find a cache of weapons in the wreck of OCP HQ and terrorize the streets.  Murphy goes to take them alone but is almost overwhelmed until a new police force made up of the citizens he saved arrives with a reprogrammed Robocop 2 and kill and arrest the Scavengers and set up Detroit to finally recover.
  • Deadpool: The Gauntlet #10: Deadpool takes on the Frightful Four, Dracula’s team of hand picked assassins, while Queen Shiklah rescues her captured citizens.  Possibly feeling the Power of Love, Deadpool is able to handily take down three of the four Frightfuls, with only Frankenstein’s Monster left but an all out monster war breaks out before the two can go mano a mano.
  • TMNT #32: Seeing his family in danger, Leo finally snaps out of his funk and reclaims his position as leader, rallying his brothers against the mutated hawk assassin, Koya and her FOOT assassins.  The fight leads to the barn catching on fire and April’s mom sees the smoke from the house, forcing April and Casey to join her to investigate.  Mrs. O’Neil gets a crash course in mutants as the battle spills into the road but getting hit by a motorcycle driven by Mikey and getting a potentially critical ninja star wound from Leo forces Koya to retreat.  The Turtles, Casey and April immediately head back to NYC so April’s parents are no longer in danger but they may join them as April’s father is cured of his sickness by the ooze given to them by April.


  • The Crow: Pestilence #1: IDW unleashes a new Crow in Mexican boxer, Salvador, who refused to throw a major match for the local cartel and was force to watch his son and wife murdered in front of him before being murdered himself.  He comes back thanks to the mystical Crow, who guides him to the first of the men deserving of his vengeance, who he kills after learning the location of the others.
  • Wolverine #3: After getting a pep talk from Superior Spider-Man last issue, Wolverine reunites with the now vampiric Jubilee, who was sent to find him by a worried Storm.  Their reunion is interrupted by a robot attack in downtown NYC that Wolverine dives into despite having no healing powers but freezes when he gets caught under the heel of a giant robot.  Jubilee saves him but it’s the last straw that leads him to join The Offer and his new team.
  • Astro City #10: Winged Victory, Samaritan and The Confessor finally find the location of the man behind the smear campaign against WV, Karnazon and his Iron Legion.  Joey, a young man who sough shelter at Winged Victory’s school for women, used his aunt’s signaling device to contact WV after he snuck into the teleportation portal used by the Iron Legion in their attack against WV in the skies above her school.  Although she proved her innocence, there’s still a chance the Council of Nike, the spirits of women who gave WV her power, may take it away.
  • Fantastic Four #2: Somehow, a portal to a dimension created in the mind of Franklin Richards as opened and unleashed a swarm of dark creatures onto NYC.  The Four and literally every other hero in the city, fight back the swarm but nothing seems to work until Reed comes up with a chemical bomb that could dissolve them if detonated over the city.  Johnny detonates the bomb and it works but it also seems to have caused him to lose his powers.


  • Batman #29: Enigma’s grand scheme is finally revealed this issues as Batman realizes that the insane Dr. Halfern, who’s mutated into a horrible bone encrusted monster, was killing scientists whose research would combine into a device that would give Enigma complete control of the city.  Despite a brutal battle on the weather balloon holding the device, and a valiant effort to arrest Enigma by Gordon, the power is turned back on in Gotham and Enigma gains control, instantly destroying the retaining walls holding back the flood waters and crashing the police blimps.
  • Star Trek #31: You may have noticed this guy on the bridge of the Enterprise in Into Darkness:


He’s Science Officer 0718 and the new two part story in Star Trek details his origins.  A short time before the events of Into Darkness, the Enterprise crew comes across a mysterious, perfectly formed spheroid and a crew beams down to investigate.  Getting strange energy readings, the crew beams back and Spock uploads his data to the mainframe, but it seems to introduce a mysterious virus into the system, as things start having a mind of their own.  In the Med bay, the surgical equipment builds a synthetic body and it introduces itself as The Enterprise.

  • Deadpool #25: Crossbones is back to settle the score with Deadpool after Wade left him floating in a hot air balloon.  The two have a knock down, drag out fight through the streets of NYC, but take a break to kill the traitorous SHIELD Agent Gorman, who failed to pay either of them.  Wade almost kills Crossbones but is stopped by Agent Preston and his friends.  Realizing he needs some alone time, Wade buys a plane ticket to a tropical island but he’ll eventually get his contract from Dracula that leads to him meeting Shiklah.
  • The X-Files Conspiracy: The Crow: The Lone Gunmen run into another IDW character when, on the run from possible government assassins, they involve police officer Bernard and his partner Robin, also his lover and carrying his child.  Their patrol car crashes and Robin is killed and Bernard is executed by the assassins.  The Crow brings him back and he arrives just in time to rescue the Gunmen from being killed in their hotel room.  Bernard potentially may play a key factor in preventing the biological outbreak in the future.
  • Unity #5: The new superhero team of Aric aka X-O Manowar, Livewire, Ninjak and Gilad the Eternal Warrior have their first mission as a team.  Pieces of the alien Vine technology has been crashing to Earth.  Ninjak stops a sale of some of this tech but Livewire disappeared while investigating another possible crash site.  The rest of the team heads to her last known location and finds that super villain Dr. Silk has brainwashed an entire town and that he was involved in trying to create a Unityesque team before World War II.



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