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EA Commentary: Leprechaun 2

By Zach


Zach, Chris and Joe celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by watching Leprechaun 2, for some reason the only Leprechaun movie available on Netflix.  After terrorizing Jennifer Anniston in the first movie, Warwick Davis’ Leprechaun returns and he’s looking for a bride because 1,000 years have passed and he’s allowed to marry the first girl who sneezes three times.  That’s just one of the insane rules and mythology bits added to this movie and the guys try to keep track of them along with trying to figure out the status of the relationship between the two protagonists, keeping an eye out for mid 90’s cameos and admiring the Leprechaun’s mad rhyming skills.  Sync up the commentary to a copy of Leprechaun 2, grab some whiskey and get ready for horror(?).


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