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The Pull List 3/20


  • Animal Man #29: The story of Buddy Baker ends for now with a sweet epilogue that leaves the Red in the hands of long time allies Socks the Cat and the man/goat Shepherd and a promise to leave the rest of the Bakers out of danger for good.  Reunited with his family, things seem like they may work out for Animal Man.
  • TMNT: Utrom Empire #3: The final flashback reveals how Krang developed the ooze and got the surviving Utroms to Burnow Island.  Fugitoid makes a gamble and gives Baxter Stockman some credit for saving the Utroms during the power outage he caused and manages to get a message to the Turtles and the Foot with a plan to stop Krang from using the Technodrome from terraforming Earth.
  • Superman Unchained #6: With the terrorist group Ascension using an alien crystal to launch every nuclear device on Earth, Superman hits their base and rescues Lois and manages to channel his energy into the crystal to destroy all the nukes.  Fellow superbeing, Wraith, arrives demanding the crystal on behalf of General Lane but Superman refuses and they battle.  Using a gift from Batman that is the equivalent of kryptonite for Wraith, Superman defeats him but back at the Fortress of Solitude, the crystal emits a signal that leads a strike team from General Lane right to him and Wraith, a sore loser, goes after Batman.
  • GI Joe #14: The Joe’s newest member, Hashtag, takes up a mission to help Cobra’s newest member, PR agent Siren.  After decoding an encrypted Twitter DM, Hashtag gets a location and convinces Cover Girl to join her on a recon mission, where they find a secret Cobra training base that is brainwashing young men, including Siren’s son.
  • Suicide Squad #29: The Squad, now powered by performance enhancing bullets, manages to fight OMAC down to the lowest levels of Belle Reve prison, where a mysterious portal is waiting for OMAC to be thrown into if Kevin Kho, whose consciousness is battling The Thinker for control of OMAC. Kevin manages to get control but Captain Boomerang, pissed and not aware of the situation, kicks OMAC into the portal, which King Shark also fell into.  Amanda Waller reveals that the Squad’s bullets were laced with a nano bomb along with the enhancement drug, so they are back under the control of Waller.
  • All New Invaders #3: Cap, the OG Human Torch and Bucky recruit another old school Marvel her, Aarkus, the original Vision, for their plan to rescue Namor from the Kree homeworld.  After consulting with Thor, they learn the weapon the Kree are after, the God Whisper, no longer works on them.  Aarkus transports the group to Hala, where they are immediately ambushed and learn that Norse gods aren’t the only ones effected by the God Whisper when an Eternal appears.


  • Daredevil #1: Matt Murdock left the streets of NYC for the streets of San Fransisco and his first adventure on the West Coast finds him rescuing a young girl kidnapped by a group of technology armed criminals.  They had the despicable plan to plant a bomb inside the girl, which Matt is able to hear and he’s able to get her to a hospital before the bomb goes off.
  • Iron Man #23: Malekith the Accursed is after all the Mandarin rings and attacks the latest Mandarin that is attacking Tony in NYC.  Tony, wanting to avoid the politics and potential backlash of Asgard, doesn’t consult Thor but instead magic/technology expert Dark Angel, who helps Tony to try to teleport stealthily into Svarthelheim but he ends up directly in Malekith’s throne room.
  • Winter Solider: The Bitter March #2: SHIELD Agent Ran Shen and the husband and wife Nazi scientists he’s tasked to bring to the US, are on the run from Winter Soldier, who ambushes them in a small town in Eastern Europe but they are able to elude him and hop a train to get to an extraction point.  The husband of the couple makes a deal with HYDRA to go back into their employ and the HYDRA team attacks just as Winter Soldier catches up to them.
  • Deadpool: The Gauntlet: All hell breaks loose as a massive monster battle breaks out in NYC.  Wade teams up with Blade to fight Frankenstein’s Monster and the various other vampires and demons sent by Dracula while Shiklah infiltrates Dracula’s inner sanctum, revealing she and Wade have gotten married and that Dracula will not get control of the Monsteropolis.
  • Disney’s Seekers of the Weird #3: Siblings Maxwell and Melody, on a quest to collect a group of magical pieces of furniture to rescue their parents, learn that the object they are trying to collect, the Coffin Clock, is actual prison for the leader of the Grim Reapers, who wants to kill every living thing on Earth.  The Wardens, the guardians of the Museum of the Weird and Earth, demand that Maxwell and Melody stop their quest and leave the Coffin Clock hidden, but they refuse and have to outrun the Wardens mummy soliders, the Husks.  They manage to escape and their Uncle brings them to the Museum’s armory so they can arm themselves and continue their quest.
  • Nova #15: Sam Alexander manages to help heal space dog Cosmo, who was poisoned by the evil space pirate Skaarn, and manages to take down Skaarn’s crew of mercenary space knights, who he hired to help him attack a vault.  Beta Ray Bill manages to fight his way back to the space station, Knowhere, and he and Sam are ready to go take the fight to Skaarn when he explodes into the station with an arsenal of weapons that he already stole from the vault.


  • Samurai Jack #6: The fan favorite character, The Scotsman, makes his return to the comic series, but in a slightly different fashion as, having angered a group of Leprechauns, he’s been turned into a slight, female version of himself.  Jack tries to reach an agreement with the magical folk and agrees to fight a nearby evil giant but gets tricked and gets turned into a woman himself.
  • Thor: God of Thunder #20: In the present, Thor teams with SHIELD agent Roz Solomon to attack polluting ROXXON facilities, causing ROXXON CEO, Dario Agger, to figure out a plant to strik back.  In the future on a desolate Earth, old Thor goes into one last battle to defend Midgaard against Galactus, who is determined to finally eat the planet.
  • Thunderbolts #23: Deadpool’s name gets drawn out of the hat for the next mission by Venom requests that they let him go next, since he’s leaving the team.  He asks the team to try and kill the symbiote once and for all and he lets it go fully unleashed.  After fighting the team through their base, they are finally able to stop the symbiote with a combo of sonic and fire weapons.  Flash reveals that he just wanted to make sure they would be able to take him down if he lost control and leaves the team.
  • X-O Manowar #23: Aric is tasked by the US military to investigate a disturbance in the debris field left by the destroyed Vine invasion fleet and he finds a mysterious alien being with what seems like a corrupted, malfunctioning version of his armor.  The alien attacks him and Aric is barely able to fight him off.  He seemingly deals a death blow but the creature recovers and is poised for another attack.
  • Shadowman #16: Jack Boniface is finally able to gain control of the Shadow Loa inside of him through a combination of reconciling with his childhood bully and learning that his ally Alyssa loves him.  Jack defeates the evil fear based Loa, Temple and is given a stay of execution by the magical abettors as long he keeps the Loa under control.
  • Five Ghosts #10: A combination of Dreamstones caused an explosion that cast the treasure seeking pirate crew to a mysterious island where time moves at different rates and giant, dangerous creatures roam.  A mysterious woman who has the power of Sinbad helps Fabian Gray’s ally, Jezebel while Fabian himself heads to the island on a homemade raft.



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