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News Shotgun 3/21

  • 800px-Leon-Ithaca37-2Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert developing Grudge reboot: The team who originally brought the Grudge over from Japan over 15 years ago is developing a reboot of the series.
  • Patton Oswalt guest starring on Agents of SHIELD: Patton will play SHIELD agent Eric Koenig, who was originally a Howling Commando in World War II alongside Nick Fury.
  • Andy Serkis directing The Jungle Book: There will be dueling Jungle Book adaptations coming in the near future, one from Disney and one from WB and the WB one is the one that has tapped motion capture legend Andy Serkis to direct.  It will be Serkis’ directing debut.
  • Powers show coming to PSN: With Xbox Live getting a Halo show, PSN struck back with it’s first original bit of programming, an adaptation of the critically acclaimed superhero comic, Powers.  The show follows detectives, who are not super powered, getting assigned and investigating crimes involving superheroes.  The comic was written by Brian Michael Bendis.
  • David Fincher wants Christian Bale to be Steve Jobs: David Fincher is apparently in talks to direct a new biopic about Steve Jobs, with a script by Aaron Sorkin, but he said this week that he will only sign on if Christian Bale plays Jobs.
  • Jon Chu directing a Jem and the Holograms movie: The director of GI Joe: Retaliation has signed on to direct a new version of the 80’s cartoon, Jem and the Holograms.  The new movie will follow Jessica Barton aka Jem, who becomes an online recording sensation and then sets out on an adventure across Los Angeles to become a star and find a message from her long lost father.
  • Pacific Rim 2 still a possibility: Pacific Rim 2 is still a likely possibility according to Legendary CEO Thomas Tull.  They are in talks with GDT and the movie apparently did gangbusters internationally and is killing it on home video.  According to Tull, it made more than $400 million worldwide.
  • Ghostbusters 3 moving forward: Despite the death of Harold Ramis, Ghostbusters 3 is apparently moving forward.  The script is complete and it may shoot at the end of this year or early next year.  Original director Ivan Reitman is out but super hot duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller may be in talks to direct.
  • Parks and Rec renewed: NBC announced this week that Parks and Rec was renewed for a seventh season.
  • Justin Lin directing crime thriller Times Square: The former Fast & Furious director will direct the thriller, set in the seedy days of Times Square before it was cleaned up into a tourist attraction and it follows a young man who is divided between a mob boss and an ex-cop.
  • Doug Liman directing Splinter Cell: The Bourne Identity/Mr and Mrs Smith/Jumper director will be directing the video game adaptation, starring Tom Hardy as super spy Sam Fisher.
  • Joe Cornish directing MI6 origin story, Section 6: The director of Attack the Block will direct the story of the formation of MI6 during World War I and follow it’s founder, Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming, who was the inspiration for M from Bond and Control in Tinker Tailor Solider Spy.
  • Pixar announces Incredibles 2 and Cars 3: Along with a 3D re-release of the movie, The Incredibles is finally getting a sequel along with a third entry for Cars.  Brad Bird is working on the sequel and directed the original.
  • Time frame for Episode VII revealed: Star Wars Episode VII will be set 30 years after Return of the Jedi, which is basically how much time has passed in real time since Return of the Jedi was released.
  • Original Jurassic Park character returning for Jurassic World: Unfortunately it’s not Grant or Malcolm but it’s Dr. Henry Wu, played by BD Wong,  who was one of the chief architects of the development of the dinosaurs.
  • Captain Marvel movie may be on the way: Kevin Fiege mentioned recently that a movie featuring Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel may be on the way, as they’ve apparently discussed it “a lot” internally.
  • First Look at Bullock and Selina Kyle from Gotham:

gotham-first-photo-of-camren-bicondova-as-selina-kyle-aka-catwoman first-photo-of-donal-logue-as-harvey-bullock-in-gotham

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