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For ISIS Eyes Only: On the Carpet


Christian Slater guest stars as the appropriately named Slater as Mallory assembles the entire team for a reprimanding regarding their wanton loss of the cocaine.

Archer, Ray and Cyril recap the final leg of their trip back from Colombia as they barely have enough gas to get to an illegal airfield in the Everglades.  Unwilling to toss out the cocaine and Cyril unwilling to volunteer to jump out of the plane forces the trio to toss out the guns on board and Archer to shoot off the door of the plane for some reason.  Upon landing, Archer attempts to the take the lead because he’s the master of infiltrating groups with false identities:


After that misunderstanding, “Rando” (Archer) and the McCracken brothers (Ray and Cyril) deliver the cocaine to Slater and then get a supply of weapons bound for San Marco and it’s president, Gustavo Calderon, who is fighting against Communists in his country.  Mallory figures out that, somehow, they’ve stumbled into a CIA drugs for weapons program and that they are abandoning the cocaine trade in favor of becoming arms dealers with their new cache of rocket launchers and guns, because the group lost, ate or blew up their entire supply of drugs:


Meanwhile, Pam and Kreiger attempt to shoot Cherlene’s album cover, whichPam and Kreiger seem determined to turn into a full on porn shoot:


  • Obscure Pop Culture Reference of the Week: Kreiger’s late cocaine smuggling submarine was called the Red Kreigtober (After realizing that it will never see the ocean because he built it in the mansion’s pool, he blew it up, with the cocaine inside)
  • “We’re shooting an album cover not an Amish bible”
  • Archer compares Mallory to crocs “They’re both cold blooded, prehistoric monsters”
  • Kreiger has possibly illegal dealings with ivory in Tanzania
  • “They done killed old Rando”
  • “Your balls are made of pussy”
  • Pam is confused on how Harry Houdini died
  • Ron and Mallory have an open marriage now in attempt to salvage it

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