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The Pull List 3/27


  • Silver Surfer #1: Norrin Rand is back in a new series.  Free from the clutches of Galactus, Norrin is flying across the cosmos, doing good deeds to make amends for offering up planets to feed Galactus’ hunger.  After saving a micro solar system by kickstarting their sun, Norrin is approached by an emissary from The Impericon, a secret, physic defying sanctuary this under attack by the evil Never Queen.  Norrin accepts the job but as part of the bargain, Impericon tech brings the most important person in the universe to Norrin to the station as a bargaining chip, Earth girl Dawn, but Norrin has no idea who she is.  There’s also a special Infinite comic out for free on Comixology that shows a “date” between Norrin and Dawn at a later time.
  • The X-Files Conspiracy #2: Having collected data and evidence from the TMNT, the Ghostbusters, the Transformers and The Crow, the Lone Gunmen get everything to Scully to create a vaccine to the plague that will wipe out humanity in the future.  Meanwhile, Mulder hunts down the brains behind the operation, which turns out to be an evil alien.  A bomb is discovered at the CDC but The Gunmen find it and stop it and manage to help save the world.
  • Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #6: With help from their old ally, Pied Piper, the Rogues fight one last battle to defend Central City against the army of super villains sent by the Crime Syndicate.  Piper’s music awakens the comatose Glider, who organizes the Rogues for one last push that teleports the villains to some unknown location through one of Mirror Master’s mirrors.  They vow to defend the city for as long as the Crime Syndicate still threatens it.
  • Ghostbusters #14: Gozer’s sister, the chaos god Tiamat, is targeting NYC and Dana Barrett specifically.  Not wanting to deal with Venkman, she has Janine send FBI Agent Ortiz and Ray’s assistant Kylie to investigate but they don’t find anything out of the ordinary.  Meanwhile on Columbus St, it starts raining blood and the forces of gravity go wonky with cars levitating and Ray believes that it’s just the first signs that Tiamat is on her way.
  • Star Slammers: Re-Mastered #1: Walt Simonson, legendary writer and artist, created a team of space mercenaries called the Star Slammers and IDW is republishing the classic stories.  The trio arrives on a planet and single handedly end a war, taking a huge cache of weapons and tech in payment.  They are trying to build up a big enough arsenal to take on the Orions, a group of wealthy hunters who hunt other groups for sport.
  • Iron Patriot #1: James “Rhodey” Rhodes gets his own solo book as he embarks on a new mission to defend America as the Iron Patriot.  Vowing to only respond to domestic attacks, unless a humanitarian effort requires him overseas, he takes on a group of sludge monsters attacking an oil rig but his armor loses power, causing him to crash into the ocean and face possibly drowing.  Rhodey’s family is also introduced with his father Terrence and his niece Lila.


  • Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #10: Godzilla takes on the ape like siblings, the Gargantua, on the shores of Australia as the special Kaiju team tries to capture and bring the various monsters to the designated holding area of the Monster Islands.  Wounded from his battle with Biolante, Godzilla is more sensitive to fire and sonic attacks and retreats quicker than normal, leaving the Kaiju team to capture the Gargantua brothers and bring them the islands.
  • Captain America: Homecoming: Set in the Cinematic Universe, Black Widow and Captain America’s day off in Brooklyn is interrupted by an attempt to kidnap a Nobel Prize winning scientist, who grew up in the same neighborhood as Cap, but obviously at a much later date.  Using his knowledge of the area, Cap is able to take down the kidnappers and break their communication jamming.
  • Origin II #4: Rescued by Victor Creed and his sister, Clara, Logan is slowly regaining his humanity but an attack by the evil Dr. Essex’s men causes him to go into a rage and he accidentally stabs Clara, killing her.  He then slaughters all the troops before Victor arrives, who takes Logan to get revenge on Essex.
  • Deadpool: The Gauntlet #12: Deadpool, with help from Hydra Bob, Blade and freed werewolf Jack Russell, makes his way through the swarm of warring monsters and into the Monster Metropolis under NYC.  He finds the new Mrs. Wilson, Shiklah, frozen in stone by the head of Medusa and Dracula uses his teleportation powers to outmaneuver Wade, biting him and then ripping off his hand.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #13: The Trial of Jean Grey ends when Jean discovers an ability to combine her telekinetic and telepathic powers, giving her a powerful energy field that she uses to stop Shi’aar champion, Gladiator.  Cyclops tells Gladiator to back off and leave them and Earth alone, or he will assemble an even larger group to stop him.  The Shi’aar retreat and everyone returns to Earth, with Cyclops shocking everyone by leaving with his father.  Star Lord also hits it off with Kitty Pryde, leaving her a communicator in case she ever wants to talk.
  • Indestructible Hulk #20: The Hulk and his team figure out a way to reverse engineer the teleportation device that kidnapped their comrade, Dr. Jessup, from the ego-maniacal Ted Goodrich.  Jessup reverts back to his Inhuman monster form and he and Hulk smash Goodrich’s base to pieces, while Goodrich and his assistant are killed by another Inhuman they were holding hostage.  Bruce has his team remain at the base to help Jessup recover and he disavows any knowledge of them to Maria Hill.  Back in his lab, determined to change his outlook, he’s shot in the back of the head by an unknown assailant.


  • Deadpool #26: Before the big wedding next issue, there’s another throwback to a “classic” Deadpool story, this time set in the 50’s.  Hitler, bent on revenge against Nick Fury, steals the tech from one of the many time travelers trying to kill him and goes to try and kill a post-war, pre-CIA Fury but Deadpool and Cable intervene.  Hitler gets a robot from the future but Cable gets a robot from farther in the future to stop Hitler’s robot.  The issue openly admits to making no sense but it’s another hilarious take on comic book history.
  • Savage Wolverine #16: Just like in Origin II, Logan’s history is a web of terrible experiences.   In the 30’s, Logan is trying to protect the children of his bootlegging friend, Elias, but is locked up by the local police trying to get them to Florida.  The French gangsters who killed Elias arrive at the station and a bloody shootout and battle leaves a bunch of cops and the oldest son, Peter, dead.  Logan saves Sophia, one of Elias’ daughters but upon making it back to the emigrant camp they were staying at, they find Sophie’s older sister dead from a mysterious disease.
  • Doc Savage #4: After he destruction of his Orion Station, Doc withdraws from the world and feels weighed down by the guilt from losing the secret to immortality.  In 1979, he’s comes back into action to help prevent a disaster in the Middle East when one of his former team members foolishly puts hundreds of high tech oil rigs into production without testing them.  The tech malfunctions and Doc and his team must race to shut them down before the entire region is destroyed.
  • Army of Darkness Annual: Still stuck in the Middle Ages, Ash has his soul stolen by three evil Deadite witches.  Taking a potion from an apprentice sorcerer, Ash travels through time and fights the witches in Ancient Egypt, the oceans of the 1600’s and the Wild West, getting pulled away before he can spend quality time with the lovely ladies he encounters along the way.
  • Eternal Warrior #7:  Gillad and his newly discovered followers set out to find King Samuel, who has been sending the radioactive robots against Gillad and his people.  Finding a peaceful lake with an old aircraft carrier floating on it, Gillad finds that Samuel, or Sam, has the cure for radiation poisoning that Gillad needs but Gillad will have to lead a team of warriors and robots to free Sam’s research facility from the hands of a vicious Death Cult that attacked and took over.
  • Tomb Raider #2: Pick up after last year’s reboot, Lara finds that her friend’s all took artifacts from the island of Yamatai but are not experiencing terrible visions and dread.  After rescuing her friend Jonah from a flash flood in the desert, Lara brings the artifacts to Trinity College in Ireland to research them further and then gets a call from fellow survivor, Reyes.  Their meeting is interrupted by an envoy from the Solarii cult, who informs them that the artifacts join to from a house that holds an ancient demon.  Meanwhile, a Solarii assassin arrives at Trinity College and murders the professor Lara left one of the artifacts with.

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