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Mobius Trailer


Since starring in The Artist, Jean Dujardin has been getting some pretty major supporting roles in movies like The Wolf of Wall Street and The Monuments Men but he’s starring in two movies coming out later this year, one of which is the thriller, Mobius.  Dujardin stars as a Russian FSB agent who falls in love with an undercover CIA agent, neither of which know the other is a spy, so kind of like a Duplicity or less action packed Mr and Mrs Smith.  The CIA agent, Alice, is working at an international bank run by Tim Roth.  It seems kind of generic but Dujardin and Tim Roth could make it worth checking out.  I definitely prefer funny Dujardin though and maintain my stance that they missed the absolute perfect opportunity to make him the Interpol agent for Muppets Most Wanted.  Mobius is out on DVD, Blu Ray and VOD on April 15th and you can check out the trailer below.

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