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The Pull List 4/3


  • Deadpool vs Carnage #1: Arguably the two most psychotic characters in the Marvel universe are up against each other as Carnage breaks out of prison yet again and goes on a murderous rampage.  Thinking he’s getting a message from the TV, Deadpool decides to fight crazy with crazy and goes after Carnage but didn’t anticipate Shriek arriving to help her man.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Prequel #1: Karen Gillan’s character, Nebula, is highlighted in this comic as we learn she and Gamora were trained by Thanos to be the ultimate warriors and, after various incidents, Nebula has slowly replaced her body with cybernetics and was trying to recover the mysterious Orb that Star Lord is after in the movie’s trailer but failed in her attempt.
  • Deadpool: The Gauntlet #13: Things wrap up in this crazy monster filled adventure as Dracula underestimates Deadpool’s healing abilities and Wade is able to stab Dracula with his severed hand and forces him to retreat.  Making a deal to get Medusa a body, she restores Shiklah and turns all of Dracula’s troops to stone.  With everything settled for the moment, Shiklah and Wade head off to celebrate their honeymoon.
  • Detective Comics #30: Bruce shakes up the business world of Gotham by backing an expensive but more humanitarian project to rebuild a crumbling section of the city after taking down a gang of drug dealers but the woman behind the project, a friend of Bruce’s, collapses on the front door of Wayne Manor seemingly burning from the inside out.
  • 3731841-green+arrowGreen Arrow #30: After last issue’s crazy cliffhanger with Oliver getting shot in the head by an arrow, it was revealed that it was actually the magical immortal, Magus, who has shape shifting powers and brought Katana and the Axe clan to fight Komodo and the Outsiders, a massive battle ensues and Komodo flees but his caught by Shado, Ollie and Robert.  After a standoff and Emiko, Shado and Robert’s daughter and Ollie’s half sister, demanding answers, Komodo takes a shot to try and kill Emiko but takes an arrow to the arm by Ollie while Robert dives in front of Emiko and takes the arrow.
  • Ash and the Army of Darkness #5: Ash and Sheila are on the run from a giant, Hulk like Ash clone with the Necromonicon in their possession while an army of Deadites attack’s Arthur’s castle.  With unusually quick thinking, Ash tosses the book to the corrupted Wise Man, who gets stomped by the hulked out Ash and becomes his old self.  Ash kills his clone and recovers the book but Sheila becomes corrupted by the Deadites and steals it again.
  • Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #3: Turok and the surviving tribes members are fleeing from the invading Englishmen with the English captain’s daughter in tow.  The captain unleashes a massive T-Rex that Turok manages to lure back to the English camp by riding the raptor he captured and nursed back to health.
  • The Punisher #4: Frank is captured and tortured by Electro at the behest of the Dos Sol cartel but Frank manages to escape and rushes out to stop Dos Sol from attacking Los Angeles while AIM briefs Domino on the true nature of their letting Dos Sol use Electro, to steal something of great importance from an office building during the blackout.
  • Captain America #19: Cap manages to get on board the extremely powerful Gungir helicarrier, now in control of the evil Iron Nail and Dr. Mindbubble.  Fighting his way to the bridge, Cap comes face to face with Iron Nail at his full power and they battle until Cap is attacked and turned by Mindbubble.  Meanwhile, Jet Black sees what is happening and takes a hovercar to come and help.


  • Judge Dredd: Mega City Two #3: Dredd’s adventures in the bizarre, acting obsessed city of Mega City Two ramp up as a giant mutated shrimp terrorizes the beach and expressways of the city and Dredd has to convince the city’s road repair robots to detonate themselves to stop the monster.  Dredd also recovers an important folder with evidence about who may be smuggling criminals into the city.
  • Moon Knight #2: Moon Knight takes on a disgruntled former soldier who is taking revenge on his former friends who left him to die and moved on to get lucrative jobs in various banking firms.  While he was in a fully white suit last issue, Warren is back in his classic Moon Knight costume this issue.
  • Rogue Trooper #2: Rogue and his rescued Souter companion, Breaker, arrive at Breaker’s run down base just before a Nort kill team arrives to track and kill Rogue.  Rogue fights off the initial wave but realizes it was just a test and the Norts send in some heavy mechs for the second wave.
  • New Warriors #3: The team is starting to come together as Sun Girl, Justice and Speedball rescue newly Inhuman teen Mark and decide to find and stop who is sending the robots that are killing anyone not pure human.  That person is the High Evolutionary, who has captured Nova, Scarlett Spider, Hummingbird and Water Snake.  Spider uses his spider communication powers to short out the energy bubbles they are being held in and breaks everyone out but they are faced with a seemingly unending swarm of robots.
  • Swamp Thing #30: After taking up the Green worshiping Sureen on their offer to put him in a human body temporarily, Alec is revived by Capucine and Brother Jonah to find his plant body stolen.  After getting a lead from immortal Vandal Savage, Alec and Capucine head to India to try and find the cult and find the last true Sureen, who offers to help them find the group by researching the books of the temple library.  The false Sureen actually work for some sort of biochemical company that is trying to exploit the power of the Green to create fruits and vegetables without having to grow them and get rich.

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