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News Shotgun 4/4


  • Key & Peele producing new Police Academy: The Comedy Central sketch duo have signed on to produce and possibly star in the remake of the 80’s classic, Police Academy, which has been in development for a while.
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor may be villain of Bond 24: After an incredible performance in 12 Years a Slave, Chiwetel Ejiofor may be taking on Daniel Craig’s Bond next as the villain of the upcoming Bond 24.  Ejiofor is apparently the front runner for the role and has experience playing great villains, such as the Agent in Serenity.
  • Keanu Reeves starring in Knock Knock for Eli Roth: Keanu Reeves has returned to leading roles with mixed results with the awesome Man of Tai Chi and the by all accounts terrible 47 Ronin but he’ll be starring in the horror/thriller Knock Knock for Eli Roth.  The movie apparently follows Reeves, a happily married man who is home alone for a weekend when two beautiful girls arrive and turn his life upside down.
  • Gwendoline Christie joins Mockingjay: Brienne of Tarth is joining the cast of the final Hunger Games movie as Commander Lyme, one of the leaders of District 13.  She’ll join fellow Game of Thrones cast member, Natalie Dormer aka Margaery Tyrell, who will be playing Cressida, another new character being introduced.
  • Michelle Monaghan joins Pixels: The True Detective co-star will be joining Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad in the upcoming movie that finds a group of gamers being the only defense when aliens inspired by classic arcade games arrive to invade Earth.
  • Judy Greer joins Jurassic World: Outlaw Country’s greatest artist, Cherlene, will be heading to Isla Nublar as Judy Greer has joined the ever expanding Jurassic World cast.
  • Dan Trachtenberg signs on for Bad Robot’s Valencia: Director and former Totally Rad Show co-host Dan Trachtenberg has signed on to direct the sci fi movie Valencia for JJ Abrams and Bad Robot.  The movie follows a young girl and her caretaker who are surviving in an underground bunker after a nuclear attack.  Trachtenberg was supposed to direct the adaptation of Y: The Last Man but that may have fell through.
  • Johnny Knoxville, Tony Shalhoub providing voices for TMNT: Although they did not do the motion capture, Johnn Knoxville is apparently voicing Leonardo in the upcoming TMNT movie while Tony Shalhoub is voicing Splinter.
  • Bruce Timm directed a new Batman short: Airing on Cartoon Network on April 9th, the Bruce Timm directed short is Batman: Strange Days and finds Batman having to figure out a way to stop Hugo Strange from unleashing a group of roided out mental patients on Gotham and unleashes a pair of massive Batguns to stop them.  It’s based on the very first story every featured in the self titled Batman comic.
  • Marvel has a plan for movies until 2028: Kevin Fiege mentioned during a press junket for Captain America: The Winter Soldier that Marvel has a rough plan of their movie release schedule for the next 14 YEARS!  This includes possible spinoffs from Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy as well as Black Panther, Dr. Strange and more.
  • JCVD’s “Swelter” gets a US release: JCVD’s upcoming heist film, Swelter, has been picked up by WelGo USA for release in the US sometime later this year.
  • Amazon announces Amazon Fire set top box: Competing with Roku and Apple TV, Amazon announced their Fire set top box, which will stream most of the major content providers except, noticably, HBO GO.  It will also play games and will cost $99.
  • The Riddler will be Gotham pilot villain: The young Jim Gordon will be up against Edward Nygma as the first major case for Fox’s Gotham series.  Cory Michael Smith will be playing the character, who will be a forensic scientist in this incarnation.
  • Toby Kebbell cast as Doctor Doom: With the Fantastic Four themselves cast, we now have who will be playing their arch-nemesis, Doctor Doom.  British actor Toby Kebbell, who can be seen in things like Rocknrolla, will be playing Victor Von Doom in the Josh Trank reboot.
  • More cast announced for Terminator: Genesis: Byung-Hun Lee aka Storm Shadow from the GI Joe films, Michael Gladis aka Paul Kinsey from Mad Men and Sandrine Holt aka Gillian Cole on House of Cards have all signed on to join Terminator: Genesis in undisclosed roles.
  • Frozen now the number one animated movie of all time: Surpassing Toy Story 3, Frozen is now the number one animated movie of all time with $1.072 billion in worldwide box office.
  • Harry Potter spin off trilogy coming: Originally thought to be one movie, there will now be a new trilogy based on the spin off book “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”.  The movies will follow magical creature expert Newt Scamander as he travels the magical world on the hunt for the titular fantastic beasts.


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