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The Pull List 4/10


  • Deadpool #27: The big day is finally here as Wade marries his soulmate/succubus Queen Shiklah after they fought and defeated Dracula together.  The issue set the Guiness World Record for most characters on a single cover and it also features stories from everyone who has every written Deadpool, including Danny Way and Mark Waid as Wade recounts the other half a dozen or so times he’s been married at his bachelor party.
  • Unity #6: The team is trapped in a box underground by the henchmen of the evil Dr. Silk and Aric must blast their way out, which triggers a kill switch in all the local villagers infected by Silk’s mind control.  Livewire learns the true nature of Silk’s plan, as he wants to mind control everyone and download his consciousness into them, creating a utopia under his control working on various global problems.  The group manages to capture Silk but he reveals his agents are already out spreading the mind control virus.
  • Astro City #11: The Silver Adept is basically the Astro City universe’s equivalent of Stephen Strange but this issue focuses on her assistant, who tries to keep track of all the various magical threats, artifacts and events the Adept needs to handle every day.
  • Avengers AI #11: Getting a glimpse of a possible future ruled by the evil robot Dimitrios, the robot Alexis returns and warns the AI Avengers that they need to rescue a Life Model Decoy recently arrested by SHIELD before she can unleash a Trojan horse into the SHIELD systems.  While the Avengers enter cyberspace to stop this, in the future timeline, Captain Alexis assembles her team of AI Avengers for a final battle with Dimitrios.


  • Batman Eternal #1: A new weekly Batman series from Scott Snyder kicks off with Jim Gordon and Batman trying to stop the latest sick crime by Professor Pyg.  One of Pyg’s henchmen runs into a subway station and Gordon tries to disarm him, but hits a fusebox and a pair of trains crash into each other, killing possibly hundreds.  Batman tells Gordon there was no gun and Gordon is arrested for manslaughter.
  • Flash Gordon #1: Flash Gordon returns to Mongo in the new series from Dynamite that finds Flash as a spoiled, rich adrenaline junky who somehow ends up on Mongo with reporter Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkov.  After a chase through various interplanetary portals, the trio arrives in the forest world of Arboria, where Dale thinks quickly and convinces Prince Barin that they are historians sent by Emperor Ming.
  • Judge Dredd #18: Dredd almost dies upon his arrival on the prison moon of Titan but is saved by Pachoda, a woman trapped in the body of corrupt Judge Harvies.  Judge Omar is teleported to Titan by the Dark Judge Blank and tells Dredd what is happening in Mega City One.  Dredd realizes Blank took over the body of Judge Anderson and tries to communicate with her and manages to get teleported back to Earth with Pachoda.  They are immediately attacked by the Dark Judges and find that Chief Judge Cal has sealed the sector with a force field, trapping them inside with the Dark Judges.
  • Iron Man #24: Trying to stop Malekith the Dark Elf from collecting all the Mandarin rings, Tony works with magic expert Dark Angel to teleport to Svartalfheim but ends up right in Malekith’s throne room.  After fighting his way out, Tony waits in the woods for Malekith’s hunting party, who he has given his three rings to.  Tony gets a magical taser weapon teleported in from Dark Angel but it’s destroyed after he takes out one of the elves.  Even though it may cost him the remaining magical power to get home, he has Dark Angel teleport in a War Machine level armor to take the fight to the elves.


  • Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1: Danny Rand is back with an all new series that seems to have been inspired by DC’s current Green Arrow series, in style and storytelling.  Flashing back to a tragic event in the Himalayas that cost him his father, in the present, Danny must fight off an army of ninjas, who are after a mysterious Nepalese girl who delivers a cryptic warning to Danny before being shot with arrows.
  • The Twilight Zone #3: The saga of Trevor Richmond comes to an end with a showdown between himself and the man who took over his body and life.  Taking his former fiance hostage, Trevor tries to kill “himself” but his finance escapes and stabs him to death to protect “Trevor”.  Unlike the OG Twilight Zone though, this story seems like it will flow into the second story, where a coffee clerk at the shop frequented by Trevor Richmond has a horrifying vision of the future.
  • Thunderbolts #24: The T-Bolts are in South America trying to track down a mysterious source of power that General Ross sent a team after in the past.  After a showdown in a bar to get a jungle river guide, the team is shocked when a woman parachutes in and seems to know and want to kill Ross.
  • Samurai Jack #7: Jack and the Scotsman have been turned  into women by the conniving Leprechans and are forced to fight the giant Cuhullin, who they learn is actually very nice and the Leprechauns are the evil ones.  Cuhullin’s mighty bellow causes Jack and the Scotsman to go temporarily deaf, breaking the Leprechauns spell and they team with Cuhullin to stop the Leprechauns once and for all.

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