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The Pull List 4/17


  • Star Wars #16: The Alliance continues to try and establish it’s base on the planet Arrochar while Leia tries to balance leading the Rebellion and preparing for her wedding to the Prince.  An automated Imperial freighter enters the system, causing Han, Leia, Chewie and 3Po to investigate but they determine it just malfunctioned and send it on it’s way, not noticing the Imperial probe droid left behind.  Luke, meanwhile, goes on a mission the Arrochar rangers into the mountains to repair a damaged fuel cell at a sensor station.
  • Batman Eternal #2: Jim Gordon is booked and placed in jail for the horrific subway accident he seemingly caused.  Batman assembles the entire Bat family to come and help prove Gordon’s innocence but evidence points to the shocking fact that Carmine Falcone has returned and seems to be behind the disaster.
  • Hulk #1: Indestructible Hulk gets rebooted and renumbered with a new story following the shocking events of the last issue, where someone shot Bruce in the back of the head.  Rushing to save his life is what seems like SHIELD but is revealed to be a shady evil organization.  A brain surgeon who went to school with Bruce is brought in and reminisces about Bruce’s story while working.  His anesthesiologist, who the Hulk saved when she was a girl, stops the drip and Hulk awakens and punches his way out of the facility.  Two weeks later, Bruce turns up in a hospital but Coulson and Maria Hill discover he’s suffered traumatic, irreversible brain damage and can barely write basic letters, let alone creating new tech and ideas.
  • Nova #16: Beta Ray Bill and Sam Alexander take down the evil space pirate/slaver Skaarn and recover the weapons he stole from a highly secure cosmic vault.  Sam gives Skaarn to his former foe, Cadivan the Mighty, to collect the bounty in exchange for the fallen Nova helmet he had and gives the Nova powering Skaarn’s ship a proper burial.  Arriving home, Sam is shocked to find his house empty with an eviction notice on the front door.


  • Thor: God of Thunder #21: Thor finally meets his match in the form of a lawsuit/restraining order from Roxxon after he attacks them over the town of Broxton, the home of Asgard on Earth.  Meanwhile, in the future, Old Thor battles Galactus in a senses shattering fight that destroys the moon and leaves Thor seemingly defeated.
  • X-O Manowar #24: Aric battles the rage filled alien Malgam, who seems to be have possessed by the same style armor as Aric wields.  Arc manages to defeat him and deliver him to Colonel Capshaw for research but Malgam might be only the first threat when we flash to another planet where a group of hunters kills an alien who also has similar armor to Aric.
  • The Crow: Pestilence #2: Salvador, the boxer brought back by the mysterious crow, finds the latest captain in the evil drug and sex trafficking cartel that killed his wife and child.  A massive shootout at the drug lord’s mansion temporarily puts Salvador out of commision, but he quickly recovers and kills the boss and his goons with whatever weapon he can find.
  • Deadpool vs Carnage #2: Carnage wins round one of this psychotic battle but Deadpool regroups and finds a extremely large “fan” who bought the contents of Wade’s nearby storage cache.  The fan tells him he is on the same wavelength as Wade and Cassidy and can tell Wade where Carnage will be.  Wade catches up and uses a combine to take out Carnage’s car and take Shriek out, leaving off with round two set to begin.


  • Batman #30: Bruce wakes up after the climactic battle against the Riddler last issue to find that he failed and Nygma has complete control of Gotham, holding the citizens prisoner and controlling all communication and transportation.  He claims he will let the city go if anyone can stump him with a riddle but so far, no one has.  Jim Gordon manages to help a team of special forces into the city but they are caught by Riddler and only some last second intervention by Batman saves them and Batman seems ready for one last try to take down Riddler.
  • Wolverine #4: The final events that led to Logan joining his new team, post-healing factor are revealed in that everything was set in motion to establish Logan’s cover, as his working with the criminal boss Offer and his team is a SHIELD op.  The man Logan shot in the head was a LMD sent to help cement Logan’s cover and SHIELD wants him to try and get close to Sabretooth to capture him.
  • Star Slammers #2: The Star Slammers suffer a loss as one of their own, Ethon, is captured and tortured by the evil Orions.  Determined to get vengeance, the remaining Slammers return to their homeworld and ready their fleet of won and stolen ships to fight the incoming Orion armada.
  • The Star Wars #7: On the jungle planet Yavin, the rebels make new allies in the form of the Wookies and, with their help, lead an attack to overthrow the Imperial presence on the planet and get info on where Princess Leia was taken.  Anakin Starkiller learns that she was taken off planet and takes an Imperial fighter to their space fortress to try and rescue her.  Meanwhile, General Luke Skywalker trains the Wookies in piloting so they will have a force to try and take back their homeworld of Aquilae.


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