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For ISIS Eyes Only: Arrival/Departure

By Zach


The wonderfully strange diversion that was Archer Vice wraps up with Lana giving birth and the true nature of the season revealed.

After stumbling across and learning that CIA agents Holly and Slater are the rebels fighting against Presidente Calderon (now Presidente Cyril) in San Marcos, the trio of Lana, Archer and Cheryl learn what was really going on for the season.


Lana takes control of the situation despite going into labor and holds Holly and Slater hostage while Archer tries to help her give birth, because he got qualified on some sort of website.  Lana can’t stop the agents before Slater can call in Operation Drop Kick, which brings in a squad of bombers to blow up the royal palace.

Back at the palace, Mallory convinces Cyril that things are going downhill and they need to steal everything they can and leave.  Ray and Kreiger can’t deactivate the chemical warhead but they do manage to remove the chemical agent from the missile and the group takes that with them along with various furs, jewels and luxury car.


Everyone meets up at the airport where Mallory and Pam take over for Archer helping Lana give birth, dealing her some much needed tough love since she kind of goes insane with Archer constantly calling her “buddy” and Cheryl forgetting what is happening every five minutes.


Pam luckily has experience delivering farm animals and her sister’s baby, which is apparently a long, racist story.  The duo manages to help Lana deliver her baby girl and the group flees the country as the bombers destroy the palace.  On the jet back to the States, Mallory and Holly make a deal where ISIS will be back in operation as a contractor for the CIA in exchange for the chemical agent and a stolen painting worth millions.  Archer, meanwhile, gets a bomb dropped on him after a long winded explanation from Lana.


(All gifs from the wonderful Uproxx.com: http://uproxx.com/tv/2014/04/heres-gifs-of-lana-giving-birth-from-the-archer-season-finale/)

  • Obscure Pop Culture Reference of the Week: Before leaving the palace, Cyril delivers an abridged version of Rambo’s speech from First Blood (“It wasn’t my war!!…”)
  • “Look, all the gardeners are leaving”
  • There’s a weird runner with one of the bomber pilots trying to figure out what the relationship is between his co-pilot and a guy who works at Tapas.
  • Juliana immediately cheats on Cyril with the captain of the guard and then immediately leaves him when he wants to escape the palace.
  • Mark!…Twain, no wait, that was barges
  • We’ll be back next season for what will probably be a more “normal” season of Archer, now that the gang is back working spy operations.

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