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May Movie Preview

By Zach


May 2nd

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Peter Parker must face off against new villains like Rhino, Electro and the Green Goblin while learning more about Oscorp and the secret projects his parents worked on.

May 9th

  • Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return: Dorothy is brought back to Oz to save her friends from the evil Jester and gets some new friends to help her on her quest.
  • Mom’s Night Out: A group of moms head out for a much needed night off, leaving their kids in the hands of their husbands.
  • Neighbors: A couple with newborn baby move to what seems like a quiet neighborhood, only to have a rowdy fraternity take over the house next door.

May 16th

  • Godzilla: The King of the Monsters returns and battles new, genetically engineered monsters with a group of soldiers and scientists caught in the middle.
  • Million Dollar Arm: Jon Hamm stars in this based on a true story about a sports agent who goes to India to scout for talent worthy of the MLB.

May 23rd

  • Blended: A mix up and miscommunications leads to two strangers being forced to go on a vacation to Africa together.
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past: Losing a war against the seemingly unstoppable Sentinels, Professor Xavier and Magneto send Wolverine back in time in a last ditch effort to change the past and save the future.

May 30th

  • Maleficent: Angelina Jolie becomes the classic Sleeping Beauty villainess in this movie that reveals her past with Princess Aurora and how she became a revenge seeking outcast.
  • A Million Ways to Die in the West: Seth McFarlane directs and stars in his second big screen, R rated, comedy that follows a cowardly sheep farmer who must learn to become a gunslinger to defend his town from a ruthless outlaw.


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