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The Pull List 5/8


  • Future’s End #1: DC’s insane new weekly series kicks off after an apocalyptic Free Comic Book Day issue which sent Batman Beyond, Terry McGuiness, back in time to prevent the world from being taken over by an evil AI called Brother Eye, who is assimilating humans and turning them into horrific cyborgs.  Terry doesn’t arrive exactly when he expected and things may already be progressing to that horrific future.  Meanwhile, Grifter is killing hidden robots or aliens and Firestorm arrives to late to save Green Arrow from an explosion at his lab and they find him dead in Star City.
  • Batman Eternal #5: In DC’s other weekly series, Red Robin aka Tim Drake conducts a side investigation into the massive subway crash seemingly caused by Jim Gordon and finds a number of kids infected by nano machines, including new Batman ally Harper Row’s brother, Cullen.  Tim manages to figure out a way to shut them down but it causes Cullen to go catatonic.
  • Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #2: Danny Rand teleports back to his former home, K’un Lun and finds it in ruins after a mysterious force and an army of mercenaries attacked during a sacred ceremony.  I wonder if the Netflix show is going to go as crazy into the magic and mysticism as this new comic is.
  • Black Dynamite #2: Black Dynamite meets the literal “Man” who is the head of the Illuminati.  He asks for Black Dynamite’s help to impose their will on the world but BD takes them out instead and joins a resistance group who are trying to stop them.
  • The Crow: Pestilence #3: Salvador continues his bloody quest for revenge but trying to stop the group in charge of the SDC cartel’s sex trafficking, he’s attacked by another undead entity armed with a sycthe, who manages to actually injure Salvador in a significant way.  His guardian crow is also injured, so Salvador is now a prisoner again of the cartel.


  • Moon Knight #3: The weird and wacky adventures of Warren Spector continue as this issue, Warren is tasked with taking down a group of punk ghosts, who are attacking random people in New York City.  After his initial attempt fails and he barely escapes, the spirit of Khonshou tells him he needs armor that can help him attack the ghosts, which he has in a collection of artifacts from ancient Egypt.  Warren manages to stop the ghosts by finding their bodies and allowing them to rest.
  • Detective Comics #31: Bruce Wayne is the prime suspect in the mysterious death of Elena Aguilla, who Bruce was helping build a rehab center in a destitute area of Gotham.  Elena was killed by a drug called Icarus that Detective Bullock managed to get off the streets but seems poised for a comeback and Batman’s investigation leads to him facing off against the mercenary Sumo, who gives him the name of the criminal trying to bring the drug back, the Squid.
  • Deadpool vs Carnage #3: Carnage again manages to get one up on Deadpool as they have a massive battle on the interstate that ends with Wade getting splattered on the grill of a semi truck.  Carnage and Shriek then take a family hostage and Carnage uses the insane logic that Deadpool was using to find him and manages to find a team called Mercury Team that is tasked with taking him down.  Carnage kills all of them before Wade arrives and dismembers Wade after setting the base’s self destruct.  Four symbiotes being stored at the base, however, fuse themselves to Wade, leading to the final battle next issue.
  • Turok #4: Turok fully unleashes his killer instinct against the invading Englishmen and tosses their leader into the jaws of the T. Rex the English brought over after taking down a bunch of other soliders disguised as one of them.  He doesn’t stay with fellow natives however, as he feels they have seen his true nature and will never truly trust him or accept him.
  • Savage Wolverine #18: In 1963, Wolverine manages to help stop a labor protest from boiling over into a riot before learning that President Kennedy has been killed.  He bonds with a Latino motorcycle gang who are deeply affected by the event and joins them to hit the road.


  • Green Arrow #31: Oliver and his allies manage to finish off the evil Outsider clans and ends their threat against the world.  The Sword and Axe clans want him to join them to stop evil from the shadows but the death of his father and his newly discovered half sister Emiko killing her adopted father Komodo causes Oliver to be fed up with all the death and secrets and he destroys the Arrow totem and leaves to head home to Seattle.  Back in Seattle, Diggle walks into an ambush setup by the Clock King and is captured by the new kingpin, Richard Dragon.
  • The Punisher #5: The Dos Soles cartel launches their attack on Los Angeles as Electro kills the power for the entire city while their boss plans to unleash a chemical weapon.  Frank tries to stop him but Electro arrives and blasts him into a building but Frank survives and seems ready to stop Electro once and for all.
  • New Warriors #4: The team is fully assembled as they try to stop the High Evolutionary from unleashing his device that will kill every person on the Earth with powers.  He manages to start the process but Sun Girl, the only ordinary human on the team, manages to stop him and forces him to retreat but he vows to return because the “gods are returning” and he seems to believe they want only normal humans for their master plan.
  • Swamp Thing #31: Alec Holland, stuck in the body of a human after being tricked by an evil bio company, finds the avatar of the Gray, who is supposed to control fungus and other slow growth, but has been jumping from body to body for centuries.  Alec learns her old Avatar body is in the temple in India he is hiding in and he puts himself in it to recover his old body from the bio company, which he does and destroys the company in the process.  He tricks the Gray avatar to return to her old body and he gets back in his Green avatar body.  Meanwhile, back at his swamp home, Aquaman arrives for some reason demanding to see him and the story continues in the next issue of Aquaman.


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