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The Pull List 5/22


  • Forever Evil #7: The finale of Forever Evil is finally here as Lex Luthor, Batman and Catwoman lead a ragtag team against the Crime Syndicate. Captain Cold and Black Manta unwittingly unleashed Alexander Luthor last issue, the somehow more evil alternate to Lex who absorbs the powers of anyone he kills.  He and Superwoman reveal they are having a child and betray the rest of the syndicate, killing Deathstorm so Alexander can get his nuclear powers.  Batman, meanwhile, finds the rest of the Justice League trapped inside of Firestorm and manages to pull them out before Firestorm explodes.  Lex, since he sounds identical to Alexander, manages to use Alexander’s Shazam equivalent to depower and kill him and the Earth is saved.  Ultraman is depowered by the sun and he and Superwoman are locked away but the Anti-Monitor is now aware of this universe thanks to the events of the book.
  • Nova #17: Sam tries to solve his family’s money problems by bringing a giant gold space nugget home but his mother tells him to get rid of it, as it seems radioactive.  Sam’s little sister accidentally puts on the Nova helmet while Sam is babysitting and blows a hole in the house.  Sam and his mom have an argument and Sam goes off and manages to prevent a disaster when a fuel truck crashes.  When he returns home, he and his mom make up and they share the feeling that Sam’s father is still out there but the person who might be able to tell Sam where he is, The Watcher, is dead.
  • Savage Wolverine #19: Logan and Jubilee are kidnapped by AIM and given experimental drugs that lull them into their ultimate dreams, Logan living with Jean secluded in the mountains and Jubilee being the greatest hero of the X-men.  Professor X manages to mind link with Logan and snaps him out of it but Logan pulls Jubilee out too soon and she basically becomes him, running headfirst at the AIM troops.  Logan backs her up and the two are able to escape.
  • Rogue Trooper #4: Rogue manages to escape from a Souther MP squad but is unable to leave them to be killed by a Nort mech.  Rogue takes out the mech but the commander of the MPs is still after him but Rogue is saved by one of the men he rescued at Strongpoint Charlie, Breaker.  Rogue learns the location of the squad that ambushed him and killed his fellow GIs and he sets out to find them and get some answers.
  • Thor: God of Thunder #22: Thor’s hometown of Broxton is under siege by the evil Roxxon corporation but Thor is powerless to stop them thanks to legal action taken by the company.  SHIELD Agent Roz Solomon investigates sinkholes that have been opening with increasing frequency around town and finds Ulik the Troll and his goons tunneling under the town.  Thor, in the face of the restraining order, confronts Roxxon CEO Dario Agger, who transforms into his Minotaur alter ego and has his troll henchmen restrain Thor.  In the future, Thor’s grandaughters, the Goddesses of Thunder, fight Galactus while Old Thor goes into a blackhole to retrieve the sword once wielded by Gorr the God Killer.


  • Deadpool Annual #2: Deadpool helps out his “amazing” friend Spider-Man when Chameleon starts stalking and trying to kill him, driving Peter into a crazed paranoia.  Peter is knocked out while chasing Chameleon in an office building and Wade switches costumes with him to try and draw Chameleon out, which he manages to only slightly screw up.
  • Star Slammers #3: With a fleet of evil Orion hunters coming for their homeworld, the Star Slammers launch a fleet fighters to hold them off, hoping to tap into the Silvermind that will link them all into one force.  Just as it seems they’ll be overpowered, the Slammers manage to tap into the Silvermind and stage a spectacular recovery, forcing the Orions to retreat.  Realizing the Orions won’t stop, the Slammers regroup and decide to take the fight to the Orions.
  • Hulk #3: The zombie Abomination manages to almost kill Hulk, thanks to emitting a radioactive field but the Avengers arrive to back Hulk up.  The healing factor of the Hulk is slowly healing Bruce’s mind but he fluctuates by the minute between stupid and genius and Maria Hill warns him not to Hulk out, as it could destroy any healing but Bruce can’t stand by while Abomination fights the Avengers.  Abomination takes out Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Sunspot and Captain America but Hulk picks up Cap’s shield and is ready for round 2.
  • Unity #7: The Unity team scrambles to try and stop Dr. Silk’s virus from infecting everyone on Earth and turning them into mindless drones controlled by Silk.  Aric aka X-O Manowar stops a plane full of Silk zombies while Livewire shuts down Silk’s finances and Ninjak infiltrates and takes out the original Silk’s body, only it’s revealed that it’s still just another clone.
  • Daredevil #3: Matt Murdock, after a quick skirmish with The Shroud, realizes the Shroud wanted to take down Matt as a way to infiltrate the organization of local crime boss, The Owl.  Matt comes up with a new plan and manages to get inside Owl’s compound with a fake subpoena.  The Owl pulls out a trump card though and tells Shroud he can unite him with the woman he loves, who Shroud thought was lost.  With this new info, Shroud lets Matt fall into flaming pit opened by The Owl.


  • X-O Manowar #25: It’s a special anniversary edition of X-O Manowar this month, with a bunch of stories from various writers and artists.  The two main stories find Aric paying respect to his uncle, Alaric, who died while Aric was a captive of the Vine aliens, and the Armor Hunters, who are traveling the galaxy killing anyone with armor like Aric wears losing a hunter but pacifying the planet and their next reading is seemingly Aric’s armor on Earth.
  • Flash Gordon #2: Flash, Dale and Dr. Zarakov manage to bluff their way into the home village of the people of Arboria, lead by Prince Barin.  Flash shows off in a couple Arboria feats of strength and Dr. Zarkov gets the trio invited to join a caravan heading to a Ming facility the next day.  At the facility, Zarkov offers to assist the robotic supervisor with is power and voice chips while Dale and Flash are horrified of the process that turns the men of Arboria into beast warriros for Ming.  Flash leaps in to shut down the plant, revealing his identity to Barin.
  • Batman Eternal #7: Batman gets into a battle with Professor Pyg when Pyg’s lab explodes while Catwoman infiltrates Penguin’s Iceberg Casino to try and get information about what is going on in the underground of Gotham, learning that Penguin made a deal with Dr. Phosphorus.  One of Falcone’s men sends in mech’s to bomb the casino and the Iceberg sinks into Gotham harbor, but Catwoman manages to save Cobblepot before he drowns.  Batman reveals to Pyg that his lab was just a distraction, causing Pyg to seek revenge against the bomber, Rhodes.
  • Future’s End #3:  Jason Rusch, “driver” of Firestorm refuses to let his other half, Ronnie Raymond, out of the Firestorm body, afraid Ronnie will bad mouth him and tell the world why they were late to save Green Arrow.  Grifter, meanwhile, returns back to his hideout and gets an update on various alien sleeper agents from his tech guy, Justin.  Batman Beyond also breaks into the building of Mr. Terrific in an attempt to get information on the Brother Eye satellite.

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