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The Equalizer Trailer


Following up the comic adaptation 2 Guns from last year, Denzel Washington is moving on to a remake of a classic 80’s show with The Equalizer.  Originally starring Edward Woodward, the show followed special agent Robert McCall, who is trying to atone for the things he’s done in the past by offering his skills free of charge to anyone in trouble.  The movie finds Denzel as McCall, who sees a young girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) in trouble with the local Russian mob and takes it upon himself to rescue her and take down the mob.  Denzel seems to be in full on bad ass mode here, with what looks like a running bit where he times himself on long it takes to kill the various thugs and a kind of Sherlock Holmes style slow mo showing his strategy before he executes it.  Melissa Leo, David Meunier and Marton Csokas co-star and the movie is directed by Antoine Fuqua.  It’s out in September and you can check out the trailer below.

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