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The Jack Attack: LAD “3-4 PM”


Jack is temporarily put on the sidelines this week as Margot initiates her plan.

After getting arrested/protected by Kate, Jack is back in custody but Kate keeps her word and finishes the upload to Chloe and Open Cell, who find the override code on Lt. Tanner’s flight key, proving the drones are capable of being hijacked.  Steve Navarro informs President Heller, who immediately has the drone fleet grounded but Margot reacts quickly and is able to gain control of 6 drones, the first of which is closing in on London.

Heller has Jack brought in to him so they can find out what else he may know and Jack reveals he knows an arms dealer that Margot works with but he’ll only give the name if he is the one who goes and contacts him. Heller refuses, at least until the first drone attack occurs.  Jack and Audrey also have their first reunion since season 6 and both don’t take it very well.

Back at the CIA, Steve tells Kate that, despite being the only competent person besides Jack and Chloe, Division wants her gone as she was already supposed to have been en route back to the US.  Before Kate packs up her desk again though, Margot releases a video demanding that President Heller be turned over to her or else she will unleash the drones on London.  She holds Heller personally responsible for the drone attack that killed her husband and numerous others, including children.  Mark hid this fact from Heller because he felt Heller would lose confidence in the drone program they were lobbying for at the time.  Navid, still desperate to escape Margot, leaves a security buffer unchecked on the video, letting the CIA get an IP address and location for the terrorists.  Steve leads the mission personally but it’s a trap as Margot and her son, Ian, saw what Naveed did and put in a false IP.  With Ian apparently capable of piloting the drones, Margot realizes how useless Naveed actually is and executes him and then Ian launches their first attack, killing most of the CIA team at the dummy site.

  • Bad Ass Bauer Moment of the Week: Just a bunch of grim faced silence from Jack this week.
  • From the previews, it seems like Jack and Kate are going to team up to find the arms dealer and things are going to go south in a hurry.
  • The drones Margot hijacks are apparently the most OP drones ever created, completely invisible to radar and infrared and containing an arsenal of powerful, laser guided missiles.
  • Adrian continues to be an ass by having Open Cell bail on London before the drones attack, even though they could help Jack and the CIA stop them.  He also awkwardly tells Chloe that he loves her before leaving.


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