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News Shotgun 5/30


  • Bruce Lee Biopic on the way: A biopic about Bruce Lee called Birth of the Dragon is on the way with George Nolfi signed on to direct.  Nolfi previously directed The Adjustment Bureau and wrote Ocean’s Twelve and The Bourne Ultimatum.
  • Josh Brolin is Thanos: Brolin will play the Mad Titan in Guardians of the Galaxy and most likely Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s not clear if he will don prosthetics or just voice a CG version of the character.
  • Empire Strikes Back named “Best Movie of All Time”: According to a recent Empire Magazine poll of over 250,000 readers.  The Godfather, The Dark Knight, The Shawshank Redemption and Pulp Fiction rounded out the top 5.  Six years ago, The Godfather was at the top of the list.
  • Winter Solider directors directing spy thriller The Gray Man: Joe and Anthony Russo will continue in the spy action genre with an adaptation of the Mark Greaney novel, The Gray Man.  It’s in the vein of Bourne and follows CIA agent Court Gentry, who is trapped during a mission but shocked to find the team supposedly sent in to rescue him is now trying to kill him.
  • Possible Ant-Man director short list: With Edgar Wright’s abrupt departure last week, Marvel is most likely scrambling to get a replacement and apparently have already narrowed it down to 3 potential directors, with We’re the Millers Rawson Thurber in the front runner spot.  Adam McKay and Ruben Fleischer are apparently also possibles.
  • Roland Emmerich directing remake of his own film, Stargate: Emmerich will be directing a new film that “reimagines” the 1994 hit, Stargate.  The movie has spawned three TV series in the time since it came out.
  • Cliffhanger reboot gets screenwriter: StudioCanal recently got the rights to reboot the Stallone classic and producer Neal Moritz announced that relatively unknown screenwriter Joe Gazzam will write the script.
  • Dynamite Comics launching a Shaft series: The 70’s private dick who’s a sex machine to all the chicks, Shaft, will return in a new comic series from Dynamite, as well as reprinting the original Shaft novels by Ernest Tidyman.
  • Lego Documentary gets distribution: Beyond the Brick will be released by RADiUS and tells the story of how Lego came to be and why it’s still a cultural phenomenon today.
  • Jurassic World director reveals plot details: With some leaks occuring last week, Colin Treverrow confirmed to /Film that the movie is set 22 years after the original Jurassic Park and will take place in a fully built, fully functional park that is taking in visitors and features not only dinosaurs but rides, hotels and restaurants.  Chris Pratt will be a behavior expert studying the raptors.
  • Danny McBride getting new HBO series: After wrapping up Eastbound and Down, Danny McBride will return in a new series called Vice Principals, which follows the people who run but don’t necessarily have the power at a high school.
  • Johnny Depp playing Harry Houdini, may star in The Night Stalker remake: Johnny Depp signed on to play Harry Houdini in the upcoming movie, The Secret Life of Harry Houdini, which portrays Houdini as “America’s first superhero”.  Depp may also star as Kolchak in the upcoming The Night Stalker remake, which may be Edgar Wright’s next project now that he’s off Ant-Man.
  • Charlie Cox is Matt Murdock in Daredevil: Cox, most famous for Boardwalk Empire, is starring as the superhero lawyer in the upcoming Netflix series, now being run by Spartacus’ Steven S Deknight.
  • Star Wars: Attack Squadron game cancelled: The free to play browser game, Star Wars: Attack Squadron, which would have allowed players to battle in space battles with custom ships.
  • True Detective Season 2 details: Creator Nic Pizzolatto revealed that the second season will be set in California and that it will, surprisingly, featuring a trio of leads, as opposed to the duo of this past season.
  • Hannibal Season 3 details: Show runner Bryan Fuller revealed some details about the upcoming season 3 of Hannibal.  After the bloody season 2 finale, Fuller said the new season will have a completely new feel, with the premiere essentially being a new pilot.  The season will take elements of Hannibal and Hannibal Rising, but the origin for Hannibal will be completely different.  Fuller also hopes to introduce the characters of Francis “The Tooth Fairy” Dolarhyde and Lady Murasaki.
  • James Cameron directing an Avatar Cirque Du Soleil show: Apparently still working on the sequels, Cameron is now also producing a new Cirque Du Soleil show based on Avatar.  This will be French acrobatic company’s first movie based production.
  • World War Z 2 gets screenwriter: Steven Knight, who wrote Eastern Promises, Locke and Dirty Pretty Things, will be writing the script for the upcoming World War Z sequel, directed by Juan Antonio Bayona.
  • Hulu may bring back Community: Fans are still reeling from the cancellation of Community but Hulu may be in talks to bring it back for the much joked about sixth season.  The company is currently in talks with Sony, who has the rights to the show.


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