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The Jack Attack: LAD “4-5 PM”

By Zach


Halfway through Live Another Day, Jack is finally officially sanctioned by President Heller to do whatever it takes to stop Margot Al-Harazi.

After the CIA raid fails, Heller reluctantly goes back to Jack and authorizes him to go and find Karl Rask, the weapons dealer Jack says may lead to Margot.  Heller has the CIA give Jack supplies and also Kate, who Jack specifically asks to work with.  Kate arrives and, with Chloe and Belechek as backup, they head out to find Rask.  Jack reveals that the real reason he wanted Kate is that A) she seems to know how to handle herself and B) he needs her as bait for Rask to prove that another of Rask’s men, Mills, was a CIA mole and that Jack killed him (which is true) and captured Kate for questioning.  To avoid Kate getting some “enhanced interrogation”, Jack has her shoot up with a sedative to knock her out.

Back with the Heller camp, PM Stephen Fry learns about Heller’s possible Alzheimer’s and becomes worried that the man won’t be able to resolve the situation, so he authorizes a special forces team to trail Jack.

At the CIA, their Chloe, Jordan, finds missing partitions on the CIA server relating to Kate’s husband, who, in case it hasn’t been made clear yet, sold out the US to China.  Jordan wants to use a Phoenix file to get ghost images or some other tech BS but Navarro vetoes it, saying they need to focus all resources on Margot.

At Rask’s compound, Rask has his men inject Kate with a compound to counteract the sedative and they begin to torture her for information, Lethal Weapon style, while Jack has to remain poker faced as Rask accesses a bank site setup by Chloe to inject a virus into Rask’s system and get any info he has on Margot.  The British forces barge in right before Rask hits the final “enter” and a shootout ensues.  Jack takes out some of Rask’s men and manages to apprehend Rask himself but the Brits take over and Rask is able to pull a grenade and kill himself and several of the British agents.  Kate, meanwhile, is able to free herself from the hook she is hanging from and perform a vicious leg lock/knife combo on one of the goons before getting a gun and taking down another.  Belechek, who was providing sniper support for Kate and Jack, gets knocked out by the British.

Finally, Simone is tasked by Margot to find Navid’s sister, who was apparently in contact with Navid right before they started their operation.  Simone is to find out what Navid’s sister knows and kill her if necessary.  Unfortunately, Navid’s sister and niece are the sweetest people on the planet and Simone hesitates and tries to get them to leave the city.  Things go out of control and Navid’s sister is stabbed by Simone, who then chases down her niece but is hit by a double decker bus.

  • Bad Ass Bauer Moment of the Week: Jack calls Rask’s bluff about a man named Metzger who works at the bank Jack used to setup the account, even with a gun in his face.
  • “Jack wants her, Jack needs her, Jack gets her”  -President Heller on Kate
  • Kate gets absolutely worked over this episode, first having to dose herself with sedatives, then getting abruptly woken up, hung by a hook, cut on the leg, getting dirty water thrown on her and then getting shocked by jumper cables.  She also almost gets a power drill to the brain.
  • Jack has been working in Rask’s organization for the last three years, secretly sabotaging his operations and leaking info.
  • Mole Alert!!!: Navarro is apparently working with a shadowy British man and may have set up Kate’s husband, who sold secrets to the Chinese, in case you didn’t know.
  • Shout out to Michelle Fairley, who has been killing it every episode as Margot.  If Margot was at the Red Wedding, things probably would have went down much differently.

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