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Top 10 Things Tom Cruise is the Best At


Tom Cruise never goes half assed when tackling his latest role, whatever profession his character is, he will be the best there is at that profession.  Here are ten things we’ve learned that Tom Cruise is the best at over the years.

10. Bartending (as seen in Cocktail)

9. Driving a race car (as seen in Days of Thunder)

8. Street Fighting (as seen in Jack Reacher)

7. Climbing tall things (as seen in Mission Impossible II and Ghost Protocol)

6. Being a Samurai (as seen in The Last Samurai)


5. Running a movie studio (as seen in Tropic Thunder)

4. Solving crimes (as seen in Jack Reacher and Minority Report)

3. Driving Motorcycles (as seen in Top Gun, Mission Impossible II, Edge of Tomorrow, MI3)

2. Flying Jets (as seen in Top Gun)

1. Running (as seen in every movie he’s in)

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