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The Pull List 6/12


  • Armor Hunters #1: Valiant’s massive event for the summer find Aric of Dacia aka X-O Manowar being targeted by a group of alien hunters who have been killing anyone wearing similar armor across the galaxy.  They arrive and destroy a Russian base that has been trying to replicate Aric’s armor before destroying Mexico City when Colonel Capshaw and Aric refuse to surrender.
  • Savage Wolverine #20: In the 1920’s, Logan is bootlegging with his current lady when they run afoul of Capone prohibition officers.  Logan kills them but Capone hires Sabretooth to get revenge and lures him into the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, where he taunts Logan before leaving him to heal up from his massive wounds.
  • Hulk #4: With some quick thinking from Tony Stark, the Avengers are able to defeat the zombie Abomination by teleporting him into space.  Tony and the Avengers then learn about Bruce’s brain damage and Tony takes him to Troy for a last ditch cure by implanting a small amount of Extremis into his brain, which seems to work immediately, although there may be side effects in the future.
  • The Crow: Pestilence #4: Salvador, the boxer brought back by The Crow, is shocked to learn that the gang he’s been killing as revenge for his, his wife and his son’s murder actually drugged him and his wife and son are alive.  Salvador’s brother, an undercover DEA agent, arrives where Salvador and his family are being held after being led by the Crow and together, they kill the remaining gang members in brutal fashion and Salvador is able to finally get peace.


  • Deadpool #30: Deadpool and 70’s Dazzler head off on a mission to eradicate Dracula’s new strain of super vampires with the power of disco while Shiklah negotiates with Dracula’s weaselly advisor.  Preston, meanwhile, investigates a lead on Deadpool’s family and is shocked to find what appears to be his daughter, alive and well.
  • Constantine #15: John is in Hong Kong trying to get answers about the mage who trained him and finds another mage who is draining the luck out of the city from a hidden temple.  After a crazy battle, John defeats her but the members of the Cold Flame, a cult John has infiltrated, have learned his true intentions.
  • Future’s End #6: Mr. Terrific learns about the existence of Batman Beyond while Terry overhears a group of supervillains plotting to do the same thing he is, break into Terrific’s research lab and steal his new uSphere device.  Frankenstein and SHADE, head into the Phantom Zone to try and get to answers about what happened to Stormwatch but instead get attacked by the prisoners of the zone, including Black Adam.  Lois Lane approaches Red Robin, who was supposedly killed in a past war, but he refuses to talk to her.
  • Astro City #13: An extremely complicated issue this month as multiple stories are told during a day where a being called Dance Master returns to Earth and causes an outburst of romantic feelings, a bank robber named Gundog tries to hit every bank in Astro City and a couple of scientists work on groudbreaking projects.


  • Ash and the Army of Darkness #8: Ash and Evil Sheila have a final battle with Ash getting Sheila’s hand cut off but she steals and uses his new sword hand while Ash reverts back to his trusty chainsaw.  Ash manages to get Sheila into the sunlight and she reverts back and, with her back to normal, Ash proposes and they return to Arthur’s castle to get married.  Ash may have inadvertantly awoken another ancient evil however by saying the being’s name for a third and, supposedly, final time.
  • Star Trek #34: Finding a planet that is seemingly a paradise except for the dangerous being attacking the Enterprise crew, Kirk sees evidence of a human presence and, taking a gamble, has the creature beamed onto the Enterprise, where he reverts back to his human form, astronaut Steve Cory, who was part of the experimental Apollo X program and crash landed on the planet.  The planet causes it’s creatures to evolve rapidly, which happened to Steve as well.  Away from the planet, the hundreds of years he’s been on the planet start to catch up to him and the Enterprise has no choice but to bring him back to the planet to save his life but causing him to regress back into a creature.
  • Batman Eternal #10: Professor Pyg takes Carmine Falcone and Catwoman hostage, forcing Batman to come to rescue fresh from Hong Kong.  Catwoman learns that Falcone was given some sort of tip that Gotham was weak enough to take back, meaning there’s someone in the shadows who may be manipulating events.
  • Wolverine #8: After betraying his team and losing a powerful device that is now in the hands of Sabretooth, Logan meets with Iron Fist and Shang Chi to ready his mind and body for a final battle with Creed and goes on a spirit quest into a Temple of Death.
  • Star Wars #18: The Imperials attack Arrochar after the Prince’s advisor betrays the Rebellion but the quick actions of Leia, Han, Chewie, Luke and Wedge manages to get the fleet off planet and, using their new Ion Cannon weapons, they are able to escape, leaving the Prince to become King and push the Imperials out.


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