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The Pull List 6/19

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  • Turtles in Time #1: A new TMNT mini-series kicks off (that is unfortunately not an adaptation of the classic SNES game) with the Turtles ending up on a prehistoric Earth and having to outrun hungry dinosaurs.  There’s also Utroms in the area, and Raph is captured by them but an usually smart plan from Mikey saves the day.  Hiding in a cave the following night, the Turtles wink out to their next destination, courtesy of their mysterious time travelling friend, Renet.
  • The Punisher #7: Frank took a bullet to the chest, courtesy of the Howling Commandos, after stopping an attack by the Dos Soles cartel from attacking LA.  Frank survives the wound and makes his way to Mexico, where’s patched up but sold out by a local doctor and ends up in the hands of a cartel boss, who plans on selling Frank to Crossbones.  Frank meets a captured Spec Ops medic and the two manage to escape with an assist from a SHIELD drone.
  • TMNT #35: Mike and Raph go to visit Old Hob, who is the Turtles uneasy mutant ally in their battle against Shredder.  The guys are shocked to learn that Hob has kidnapped a former Stockgen scientist and created another mutant, a pidgeon named Pete.  Linda, the scientist, is the one who mutated Slash and Hob reveals that he has a vial of Splinter’s blood.  Linda claims that is the missing piece of Slash’s mutation that was not able to be completed before he went on a rampage and escaped.  Slash takes it upon it himself to inject the blood and, after an initial freak out, gains intelligence.  Casey, meanwhile, gets into a brutal fight with his dad, Hun and the Purple Dragons, but Angel arrives in her new power armor and rescues him.
  • Thor #23: Present day Thor has a final battle with Ulik the Troll and evil Roxxon CEO Agger, who transformed into a minotaur.  Thor battle both of them and destroys a Roxxan oil refinery but puts Agger down while Ulik escapes.  Environmental SHIELD agent Roz Solomon, meanwhile, battles the other trolls while protecting the town of Broxton while, in the future, Old Thor uses the blade of Gor the God Killer to kill Galactus and save the barren Earth.  The blood from his wounds, somehow, bring life back to the barren world after the battle.


  • Silver Surfer #3: Norrin and Dawn manage to find the heart of the Never Queen and Dawn manages to return it on Norrin’s board before she dies and seals the fate of the universe with a single possible outcome.  The heart is also a cymbal monkey for most of the issue, did I mention this comic is really weird?
  • Samurai Jack #9: Another mostly dialogue-less issue finds Jack fighting one of Aku’s deadly machines, which can control gravity.  Jack manages to defeat it, as usual and we learn that Aku was personally remote controlling the machine.
  • Unity #8: Valiant’s superhero team is sent into action against the Armor Hunters, who are systematically destroying all armor that seems based off of Aric aka X-O Manowar’s.  MI-6 agent Ninjak and the Eternal Warrior ambush a pair of the Hunters in Russia and, after a brutal fight, manage to escape with a massive set of power armor.  Livewire, meanwhile, tracks down and recruits the genetically engineered mercenary, Bloodshot.
  • Iron Man #28: Tony, his brother Arno and reporter Abigail Burns manage to take down the remaining Mandarin rings and capture almost all the hosts with the exception of Mole Man.  Tony realizes that the evil robot 451’s tech somehow gave the rings a “firmware” update, giving them the ability to communicate with each other and act independently from their hosts.  Tony contacts the Rigellians, who come and reclaim 451 for safekeeping.  Arno, meanwhile, gives Abigail back her Mandarin ring, which she seems to want to use now to fight crime and rescue people.


  • Thunderbolts #27: The ‘Bolts head out to investigate a group of assassins with specialty munitions for each member of the Avengers and learn that old Cap villain, Dr. Faustus, is back for revenge.  The team is caught in an illusion caused by Faustus’ psychic powers but Deadpool is not affected and manages to stop him and get the other members to snap out of it.  Ross wants Faustus taken captive so he can work for them but Punisher wants to kill him in revenge for Faustus killing an entire school.  Ross denies him and Frank quits but learns back at his hideout that no one just quits the Thunderbolts when he finds a bomb in his fridge.
  • Future’s End #7: I’ve kind of lost interest in this book after it’s crazy, Terminator style opening issue.  Mr. Terrific discovers Terry aka Batman Beyond, who’s been hiding as a hobo gaining intelligence while Grifter finds himself in the mysterious training center for a group led by Deathstroke and Frankenstein manages to fight off the Phantom Black Adam and he and the SHADE team arrive at the wreckage of Stormwatch.  I’m probably going to give it one more issue before dropping it.
  • Batman Eternal #11: DC’s other weekly title has slightly more momentum but this issue seems like pure filler as Batgirl heads to South America to question a soap star who was at the site of the subway crash.  She’s apparently not the only one looking for him as supervillain Scorpiana attacks.  Batgirl manages find out that the soap star had his face copies by a League of Villains and Scorpiana is captured by the Portugese Batman, El Gaucho.
  • Daredevil #4: Matt manages to escape the death trap of last issue when Shroud tosses him his cane and then cloaks the room in darkness, allowing Matt to take down the goons of The Owl.  The Owl and Shroud vanish before Matt can question either of them but he tracks them to a research lab where they are developing a photon based surveillance system.  The Owl absorbs the energy of the system and seemingly gains some sort of power but is still captured by Matt.  He realizes Shroud is trying to get himself killed and offers to help him find his lost girlfriend, which was the only reason he was working with Owl.
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