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Everything Alcohol: 90’s Commercial Game Round 1


Combing 90’s nostalgia and alcohol is the latest Everything Alcohol drinking game.  Zach, Chris, Joe and special guest, Chris Ali, each get a category and then watch one of the many commercial compilations and drink when there’s something in their category in the commercial.  This first set of commercials is from 1989/1990 and features ads for Ironsword on NES, Boboli, milk and Men’s Warehouse, among other random things.  The complete rules are below, along with the video we watched, which you can sync up with the commentary track or just play it yourself (Do so responsibly and only if you are of legal drinking age, please)




Household Products


Movie/TV promos (also promos for the local channel)


Products that Don’t Exist Anymore

PSAs (Everyone Drinks)

Holiday Themed (Everyone Drinks)

Each person gets a category and drinks when a commercial falls under that category.  If no one has the category for the ad or no one can figure out what the ad is for, everyone drinks.

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