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The Pull List 6/26


  • Superman #32: Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. take over Superman and introduce a new potential ally/enemy in Ulysses, who was teleported from a crumbling lab by his parents and returns to Earth and helps Superman defeat an evil alien invader.  Elsewhere, Perry White wants Clark to return to the Daily Planet to help report on the shifting events coming out of Forever Evil but he’s reluctant to come back.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #16: The tide seems to be turning back in favor of the Guardians as Star Lord is saved by Captain Marvel and he’s able to expose the evils of his father to the planet of Spartax while Angela arrives to help Gamorra defeat the Badoon, the symbiote runs amok and kills Venom’s Skrull captors and Drax is convicted by the Shi’ar but challenges Gladiator to a trial by combat.
  • New Warriors #6: After accidentally transporting Mt Wundagore into New York Harbr, the New Warriors realize that it hasn’t caused any damage because of magic weirdness.  The Avengers arrive and voice their concern over the team reforming and dredge up the Stamford incident but the team helps Thor defeat an elder demon and the Avengers decide to trust them.  Bringing their newest member, and recent Inhuman, Mark home, they find a trio of super powered beings waiting for him and the apartment explodes.
  • 24: Underground #3: Jack and Petro set out to rescue Sofiya, Jack’s girlfriend who has been captured by Mishka Drazen.  The CIA starts to piece together what is actually happening but they may not arrive in time to stop the firefight that is looming.  Sofiya manages to escape and Mishka’s men go after her while he remains behind to ambush Jack at their warehouse.
  • Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #13: Four years after the last issue’s climactic battle with the monsters and Devonian aliens, the Earth has been relatively quiet and Monster Island is flourishing.  Godzilla makes his return in the Arctic Ocean  but a shady group in Russia unveils their latest weapon in Kaiju defense, Mechagodzill, available to purchase at an exorbitant price.
  • Wolverine #9: Wolverine meets with Death herself in order to gather his mind and ready himself for his final battle against Sabretooth.  Shang-Chi and Iron Fist manage to hold off a horde of Hand ninja while Wolverine goes through his ordeal while Sabretooth gets control of the mysterious and powerful Orb Wolverine was originally trying to obtain with his team and prepares to unleash it on NYC.


  • Chew #42: Tony is assigned to investigate the death of a literal Navy SEAL at an underwater base and, after touring the facility undercover, interrogates the four most likely suspects and learns it was a scientist whose brain grows with the more fish he eats and was mad that the seal was eating his supply.  Back on dry land, Tony’s allies form an aliance with former partner, Savoy, to try and stop the evil Collector, a cibopath like Tony who is killing and eating people with all sorts of dangerous, food related abilities in order to gain them for himself.
  • Mars Attacks: First Born #2: After her uncle disappears, blind girl Clare and her alien infant “baby” get some help from two local street punks to try and find him but wind up running into a full scale Martian attack.  The art in this book is insane and truly feels like the illustrations of a kid whose telling a crazy alien story.
  • X-O Manowar #26: The backstory of Armor Hunter Reebo and his partner turned target Malgam is revealed in this issue.  They were formerly intergalactic bounty hunters/big game hunters who took a mission to a planet devastated by one armored being, according to it’s lone survivor.  The pair barely manages to escape the planet and assume to the armor is destroyed but cannot be sure.  A general approaches them and offers them the chance to hunt and kill armor the correct way, which they agree to.
  • Turok #5: On his own again, Turok heads west to try and find the land his parents came from but runs into a mysterious girl on a pteranodon in trouble.  He rescues her and helps her and her steed heel and gets his own dinosaur steed in the process.  The girl warns him to head East, as her people are conquering and killing their way from the west but Turok is captured by a mastodon riding tribe before he can go either direction, who take him to their captiol city.
  • Ghostbusters #17: The soon to be ending series brings back more classic characters as the even more expanded team heads to an island that may be a focal point of Tiamat’s energy, where Ray starts to experience strange visions of Gozer.  The gang finds Vigo, free of his painting, and seemingly gaining power from other ghosts while, back at the firehouse, Egon and Kylie realize that Dana and Louis are still possessed and use slime blasters to reveal the latent demons.
  • Future’s End #8: I’m definitely done with weekly series as I have no idea what is going on and nothing seems to happen issue from issue.  It started out with an action packed Terminator with Batman Beyond issue but that’s been seemingly put on the back burner for endless talk and no urgency.  If it picks up or something crazy happens, someone let me know.


  • Deadpool vs Carnage #4: The battle of the psychopaths comes to an end as Deadpool overwhelms Carnage with the power of four symbiotes that attach themselves to Wade.  Making him question his purpose and if there is truly such thing as chaos, and also tricking him into brutally attacking Shriek,  Carnage locks himself voluntarily in a cell to think about his life while Wade gives up the symbiotes and sets out to take on the next psycho in his path.
  • Flash Gordon #3: Flash, seeing what Ming is doing to the people of Arboria, destroys the Eye of Ming, which turns the citizens into mindless Beast Men.  Dragging him in front of Ming, the jig is up for Dale, Zarkov and Flash, who is sent into a gladiator arena to be killed that night.  Flash manages to get some allies in the beast men who were not treated with The Eye and Prince Barin, who arrives in disguise and gives Flash some explosive berries so they can attempt to escape.
  • Batman Eternal #12: The trial of Jim Gordon begins as the gang war between Penguin and Carmine Falcone continues to rage in Gotham.  Rookie Jason Bard claims to have a plan to stop it but needs to capture Batman to put it into action.  After his first day in court, Gordon is shocked to get dragged out of his cell and comes face to face with his serial killer son, Jim Jr.
  • Batman #32: Batman’s plan to stop Riddler’s take over of Gotham during the Zero Year leads to another trap and failure but, looking at the circuit path of Riddler’s signal again, Batman goes for one last desperate guess before the city is leveled by jet fighters.  Batman guesses correct and finds Riddler on the outskirts of Gotham but stumbles into a deadly final game with Nygma.
  • Shadowman: End Times #3: Jack Boniface brings back the villain Master Darque back to life and gets a compass embedded into his hand that will lead him to his father.  After a tense reunion, Jack gives in to the Shadowman Loa and kills his father, which also causes the “death” of his mother as well, whose spirit was being kept intact by Josiah Boniface.  Master Darque arrives and offers to train Jack and help him reach his full, dark, potential.
  • Star Wars: Rebel Heist #3: Chewbacca picks up the baton for the galaxy spanning heist being attempted by the Rebels as he meets with the former stormtrooper who has bank codes embedded into his DNA.  The two fight their way through an outer rim planet to an Imperial fortress and manage to hack the system and get the codes to Han Solo before they are dumped into a rancor pit by an Imperial agent.


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