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Action Hero of the Week: Dan Stevens


Name: Dan Stevens

Occupation: Sheriff

Family: N/A

Allies: Allison Halman, Dr. Tom Halman, Deputy Charlie

Enemies: John Kirby, Drs. Spires and Vaughn, random bikers

Weapon(s) of Choice: Karate, Single action army revolver

Body Count: 1 (at least Dan thinks it’s one)

Memorable Quote:

Biker Leader: Me and my boys chew up towns like this.

Sheriff Dan Stevens: Is that so?

Biker Leader: Oh yeah!

Sheriff Dan Stevens: Then that tells me something. You’ve never been through this town before!

Biker Leader: What makes you so damn sure of that?

Sheriff Dan Stevens: Because this little town would ruin those pretty white teeth of yours.

See Dan in Action:

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