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The Pull List 7/3


  • Rocket Raccoon #1: One of the three Guardians related books this week, Rocket goes on a solo adventure to rescue a princess from space pirates and, at a celebratory wrestling match date later on, finds a warrant out for his arrest due to multiple murders.  There may also be another member of his species running around doing the killings and his crazy ex-girlfriends have seemingly banded together to kill him.
  • The Punisher #8: The Punisher and his new ally, Tom, a Marine medic, fight their way through the jungle to attempt to escape Crossbones and his men.  After a brutal firefight, Tom is captured but Frank gives himself up to allow Tom and his fellow Marine to escape.  Tom never forgets this and takes on the Punisher call sign as tribute when he’s sent back to Afghanistan while Frank is being delivered to Crossbones’ mysterious benefactor.
  • Swamp Thing #33: The Wolf and Lady Weeds, former avatars that Alec pulled out of the green and gave human bodies to, plot to beat Alec into submission with a worldwide attack on the Green, paid for by The Wolf, but Alec proves too strong and overcomes all challenges and brings balance back to the Green.  Lady Weeds, fed up with The Wolf’s slow moving plot, injects him some sort of serum and turns him into a monster that attacks Alec’s ally Jonah.
  • New Warriors #7: Mark, the Warriors’ Inhuman member, is attacked in his home by other Inhumans and despite his ability to transform into a massive dragon, is captured along with Sun Girl and brought to the gang’s hideout.  The other Warriors track multiple cosmic landfalls from their new Wundergore Mt. base and try to go and investigate but end up in the middle of a criminal hideout, outnumbered.
  • Green Arrow #33: Ollie and his sister Emiko battle the second tier henchmen of Richard Dragon and then Ollie leaves Emiko in the hands of his friends Naomi and Fyff while he goes alone to stop Dragon and free Diggle.  Ollie thinks back to a time right after his mother died of cancer when Diggle took on the mantle and the falling out they had before arriving at Dragon’s compound in time to see him throw Diggle from the window while Naomi, Emiko and Fyff are simultaneously attacked and Fyff jumps in front of Naomi to take a bullet.


  • Robocop #1: Moving from IDW to Boom Comics and retconning everything but the first film is the new Robocop series.  Murphy and Lewis continue their battle against crime in Detroit while a criminal, Killian, is released from jail and, seeing Murphy in action, comes up with a plan to stop him that involves him becoming the civilian liasion for an OCP initiative to collect all illegal firearms in the city, headed up by Robocop.  The art in this book is fantastic and it’s action packed and exactly what you would want from a new Robocop story.
  • Thor: God of Thunder #24: Following the battle with Roxxon that levels Broxton, the gods of Asgard decide to leave the small town and find a new home in another realm, to avoid causing Midgaard any other problems.  Roxxon CEO, Dario Agger, tries to spin things in his favor but then sets his sights on conquering other realms.  Thor brings his personal tower on Asgard down to Earth for the people of Broxton to live in while the town is rebuilt and Jane Foster is sent to live in Asgard as a human liaison.
  • Iron Fist #4: Danny Rand flashes back to horrific visions he had of his mother one night after a date with his girlfriend/reporter Brenda before confronting the danger of the present, a horrific demon with his father’s face that is seemingly impervious to Danny’s martial arts powers and wants to rip the power of the Iron Fists from him.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Most Wanted #1: Rocket and Groot, after turning in a bounty, find a price on their own heads and go on the run from a group of bounty hunters.  Groot seemingly turns on Rocket but was only trying to protect him while Rocket finds the jerk responsible for the bounty and forces him to cancel it.
  • Big Trouble in Little China #2: Jack Burton and Egg head out onto the weird, dangerous Midnight Road in a quest to recover the souls of the elemental generals that Jack defeated in his battle with Lo Pan.  Trying to get directions, Egg pisses off a group of martial arts monkeys but Egg, Jack and the demon Pete manage to get to their destination.  Jack also relates the story of his stripper ex-wife who turned into a vampire.


  • Legendary Star-Lord #1: Peter Quill is captured by Baddoon agents while attempting to steal a valuable gem hidden in an orphanage.  He manages to take some time to flirt with Kitty Pryde before breaking himself out and recovering his gun and the gem.  Dropping of a bag full of cash to the orphanage to apologize for the trouble, Peter heads out to regroup with the Guardians, only to be ambushed by someone who claims to be the daughter of former Spartax emperor, J-Son, making her Peter’s sister.
  • Moon Knight #5: Another incredibly awesome issue of the random adventures of Warren Spector, this time he single handedly takes down a building full of mafia goons in order to rescue a kidnapped girl.  Warren takes the goons down in brutal fashion in this action packed issue.
  • Batman Eternal #13: Jim Gordon confronts his psychotic son, Jim Jr, who believes his father will finally realize how corrupt and evil the city is and offers him a chance to walk out of jail the night after his next day in court.  Meanwhile, Lt. Bard initiates his plan to stop the Penguin/Falcone gang war by letting Commisioner Forbes, who’s on Falcone’s payroll, believe they will be hitting Batman warehouses but they are instead Falcone operations.  Vicki Vale is on hand to make sure Forbes doesn’t let the criminals go free and Bard and Vicki later record a phone conversation between Forbes and Falcone to take him down for good,  Meanwhile, Stephanie Brown, who’s been trying to get the word out about her supervillain father, tries to talk to her friend Beth but Beth is killed by a package sent by Stephanie’s father.
  • Superman Unchained #7: Superman tries to hold off General Lane and his army of mechs, who are marching on the Fortress of Solitude, while Batman battle Wraith, a Superman level being, in the batcave.  Wonder Woman arrives to back Batman up, but even together they are not enough but, after Lois Lane uses a crystal to take down her father’s machines, Superman arrives to possibly take down Wraith once and for all.
  • Splinter Cell #1: Set between Conviction and Blacklist, Sam Fisher is recruited by the fledging Paladin 9 contractor group to oversee a mission in Caracas that goes bad, forcing Sam into the field to get intel and recover the bodies of the Paladin agents.  The intel reveals a massive blackmail operation against dozens of US government officials by a group called KROWE, who are apparently planning some sort of massive terrorist strike.


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