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Battle at the Box Office 7/7


With probably one of the weakest lineups of movies ever for a Fourth of July weekend, it’s not surprising that Transformers managed to repeat and remain at the top of the box office, despite how mind-numbingly terrible it is.  The movie fell over 64% from last weekend’s opening but did pull in another $36.4 million, putting it just over $174 million for two weeks, but it’s slightly off pace from Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon, at least domestically.  Overseas, it made another $95.8 million, $50 million of that from China and it will become the highest grossing movie ever in that country, passing Avatar.

Tammy took second place with $21.2 million for the weekend and $32.9 million for its total five days out.  It’s down from last year’s Melissa McCarthy movies, Identity Thief and The Heat and the audience reaction was fairly “meh” as well, so it might fade quickly.

Deliver Us From Evil was trying to replicate The Conjuring’s summer horror success from last year but failed and joined the ranks of other other bombs from this year like PA: The Marked Ones, Devil’s Due and The Quiet Ones, making only $15 million for it’s five days out, way down from the three day opening of Scott Derrickson’s previous movie, Sinister.  Unlike last year’s boom of great horror, this year seems to be struggling in that genre.

22 Jump St. and How to Train Your Dragon 2 rounded out the top 5.

Bombing in the family market was the ET rip-off, Earth to Echo, which only made $13.5 million for it’s five days out, lower than even a notorious found footage bomb like Apollo 18.

The documentary/propaganda movie America took in $4 million for it’s five days out, less than half of the director’s previous movie, 2016: Obama’s America, despite the choir it was preaching to giving it an A+ ratting on the Cinemascore audience polling site.


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