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The Pull List 7/24


  • Batman #33: The year long Zero Year comes to it’s conclusion as Batman faces down The Riddler in the highest stakes battle of wits they’ve ever had (even though it’s technically the first in this new continuity).  Gordon and Lucius Fox, meanwhile, try to stop a squad of fighter jets from leveling the city.  Lucis manages to block Riddler’s control and Batman finally beats him senseless but finds he has a deadman switch on his chest hooked to the city’s power.  If Riddler dies or the device is ripped off, Gotham dies.  Bruce is forced to put the device on himself and shock himself with a defibrillator to bring Gotham’s power back and is brought back from the brink by Alfred, who followed him into the Riddler’s tower.
  • Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #14:  The mysterious arms dealer offering various nations their own Mechagodzillas performs a field test in Russia and one of his Mechas seemingly kills Anguirus.  The CKR kaiju team goes to investigate the body and find Anguirus still alive.  Godzilla makes landfall in San Fransisco but faces a squad of Mechagodzillas and it’s revealed the arms dealer is secretly an alien.
  • Detective Comic #27 Special Edition: If you hit up your local comic shop yesterday, you got this special comic to celebrate Batman Day, that features the first Batman story ever, a reimagining of that story by Brad Meltzer and a Matrixesque story where “The Batman” is a mantle passed down throughout the generations, each of whom has 27 years to bring peace to Gotham and, if he’s still needed, activate the next Batman.


  • Turtles in Time #2: The Turtles are teleported to the familiar setting of Feudal Japan by their mysterious time traveling friend, Renet, who is still unable to communicate with them because of the weirdness of time travel.  After jumping to the aid of a traveler on the road, they are shocked to find it’s Hamato Yoshi and they meet their past, human selves as children.  Leo, determined to prevent the tragedy that will befall them, goes to battle Oroku Saki but is talked down by Raph and the guys teleport to another time.
  • Daredevil #6: Matt Murdock, caught in the blast event of Original Sin, sees a vision of his father beating his mother and horrified, goes to find his mother for answers.  She had become a nun after leaving Matt and his father but is now under arrest for protesting a nearby military base conducting chemical weapon experiments.  Matt uncovers a conspiracy between the Wakandan ambassador and a US general but is stunned by a sonic weapons is seemingly too late to stop his mother from being extradited to Wakanda.
  • Deadpool #32: Deadpool arrives in Chicago and finally meets his daughter Ellie, rescuing her from the goon squad of ULTIMATUM, the terrorist equivalent of SHIELD.  Wade has seemingly called in some backup to deal with the thugs while, back in NYC, Shiklah arrives to backup 70’s Dazzler as they continue to take down Dracula’s vampire army.


  • Transformers vs GI Joe #1: Looking straight out of the 80’s, IDW sets up a new conflict between their two big franchises as the Joes receive intel about a mysterious planetoid entering the solar system and alien visitors arriving Earth.  Meeting them at a secure location, it turns out to be Starscream, Soundwave and the Decepticons, who immediately attack the Joes.  Luckily, the location of the meet is designed as  trap for hostile alien forces and the Decepticons are caught in a satellite laser blast but Soundwave survives thanks to Lazerbeak and they are rescued by Cobra.
  • Batman Eternal #16: The situation in Arkham continues to go south as Batwing and The Spectre discover that Joker’s Daughter and a number of crazed inmates are being led by Deacon Blackfire, who is trying to bring back a demon from hell and place it into the body of Maxie Zeus.  Lt. Bard and Batman, meanwhile, continue to beatdown the gangs now that the corrupt Commissioner Forbes is not hindering them and Red Robin and Harper Row find a robotics expert who may have a lead on infectious nanobots in Tokyo.
  • Superman #33: Clark goes to investigate the history of the mysterious new super powered being, Ulysses, who was sent from Earth as a baby from a destroyed research facility.  Clark manages to uncover the fact that Ulysses parents, thought to be dead, actually survived the lab’s destruction and he helps them reunite after he and Ulysses defeat an army of robotic soldiers.
  • Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #1: Fleshing out the events that occurred right before Armor Hunters proper, Bloodshot is tasked with security at the alien monitoring and defense agency MERO and must spring into action when the Armor Hunters attack dogs attack the base.  The initial attack is just a distraction as the dogs’ trainer, Lilt arrives to kill Malgam, a former Armor Hunter himself who was infected by the same armor as worn by X-O Manowar, Aric.


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