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Arrow Season 3 Trailer


Even though triumphed over Slade Wilson’s chemically enhanced armor and saved Starling City from total destruction, there looks to be no rest for Team Arrow in Season 3.  Looking to take his rightful spot back at the head of Queen Consolidated, Oliver has competition from newly arrived businessman, Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) while on the super villain front, a new Count Vertigo (Peter Stormare) is just one of the threats facing Starling.  Oliver has help though with Roy fully suiting up as Arsenal and Sarah aka Black Canary returning again from the League of Assassins.  Thea, meanwhile, is off with her real father, Malcolm Merlyn learning and doing god knows what.  For the ladies in the audience, it seems like Felicity and Oliver will get closer than ever this season as well. We’ll also see flashbacks to Oliver being force to work in Hong Kong for Amanda Waller.   Plus, Barry Allen could show up at any point as well now that The Flash will be part of the CW DC universe.  Things kick off in September and the Season 3 trailer is below.

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