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The Pull List 8/7


  • Green Arrow #34: Jeff Lemire’s run on Green Arrow ends as the Team Arrow of the comic universe come together to stop crime boss Richard Dragon from taking over Seattle.  The estranged Diggle and Oliver are reunited and fight their way up to Dragon, who uses his superior martial arts skills to almost take out both of them but they manage to stab him in the femoral artery with an arrow and stop him.  Oliver’s half-sister, Emiko and Oliver’s partners Naomi and Fyfe manage to stop Killer Moth back at Arrow HQ and get Fyfe to a hospital for a gunshot wound.  Count Vertigo escapes but, for now, Seattle is safe.
  • Swamp Thing #34: Lady Weeds tries to lure Alec into a trap that will force him to give up his avatar status but she does not count on The Wolf giving up and killing himself instead of serving Weeds.  In the chaos, Weeds escapes but Alec’s ally, Capucine, finds her and breaks her spine, paralyzing her from the neck down and leaves her helpless in an ambulance.  Alec’s other ally, Jonas, was mortally wounded by the mutated Wolf and is transported back into the Green by Alec to serve as his regent.
  • New Warriors #8: The Warriors arrive to rescue their allies Haechi and Sun Girl from a group of Inhuman zealots and Haechi’s Inhuman transformation is revealed in this issue as well.  Nova also arrives, late as usual, to find the Warriors missing from their new “base” of Wundergore Mountain, but might have to fight a trio of mysterious figures hovering nearby alone.
  • Flash Gordon #4: Flash and his new Beast Man allies escape the destroyed gladiator arena and reunite with Prince Barin, Dale and Dr. Zarkov.  Barin reveals he wants to rebel against Ming but they are powerless to do right now.  Zarkov strikes the first blow by blowing up Ming’s power plant on Arboria.  The reworked history of how Flash, Dale and Zarkov got to Mongo is revealed this issue as well, as there are apparently two powerful crystals on many planets in the universe and the trio escaped Earth with one of them, preventing Ming from using them to unlock a gateway to Earth and conquer it, but they went through another portal and got stuck on Mongo.  Barin tells Flash that he can’t appear to be openly helping them yet but says that they may get some help on Sky World, the home of the Hawkmen.
  • Legendary Star Lord #2: Star Lord’s solo adventure has brought him face to face with his half sister, Victoria, who wants to turn him over to a bounty hunting guild, as the Spartax empire is ruins since Peter revealed his father’s true nature in the proper Guardians book and there’s a price on Peter’s head from the mysterious Mr. Knife.  Peter convinces Victoria to pull a con with him and they manage to get the entirety of the guilds funds before awakening the giant beast that is the guild’s base of operations.


  • The Punisher #9: Frank manages to escape from Crossbones and his goons when they stop for a side gig to blow up a freighter.  Frank finds that Black Widow has infiltrated the freighter and is looking for some sort of data and Frank reluctantly agrees to fly her out before the ship explodes.  As thanks, he gets knocked out and dropped off by Widow in a Central American prison.
  • Batman Eternal #18: Batgirl, Batwoman and Red Hood infiltrate the toy sweatshop that might hold evidence to clear Jim Gordon’s name but the owner of the shop seems to have some sort of mind control ability and gains control of Batgirl.  Back in Gotham, Batman and Lt. Bard head into the sewers to find a missing girl and get some unexpected help from Killer Croc, who is working to protect all the poor, homeless people who have been ignored by the normal citizens of Gotham.
  • Splinter Cell: Echoes #2: Sarah Fisher tells her father that she’s heading back to New York City, leaving him nothing tying him his boring suburban life and he heads back into the fray for Vic and Paladin 9, who have a lead that the terrorist organization KROWE is targeting a cruise ship.  Sam finds a Lt. Colonel kidnapped and the ship is rigged to explode to cover the crime.  Sam pays a visit to Grimsdottir, now a diplomatic advisor for the US, and learns the Lt. Colonel has knowledge of many top secret JSOC sites.
  • Mars Attacks: First Born #3: The penultimate issue of this darkly child-like book finds young girl Clare and her adopted baby martian facing down an adult Martian but, as they are running away, they stumble across a critically injured Uncle Woody, who tells Clare to keep running before he’s vaporized.  Clare falls into a pit where her next door neighbor is also trapped and starts regain her sight.  Baby falls into the pit as well but they might now be fish in a barrel for the Martians.
  • Detective Comics #34: Batman manages to track down the source of Icarus, a mutated, scared man who the local gang was using and draining energy out of to make Icarus.  The man blows up the waterfront because he’s loses control and the leader of the gang, Holter, is dragged into the depths of Gotham Bay by a giant squid but Batman is rescued by Harvey Bullock, despite the latter’s distaste for the vigilante.


  • Rocket Raccoon #2: If you loved Rocket in the Guardians movie, this series is a must read as it’s hilarious with a Deadpool sense of pop culture and hyper violence.  There’s an mysterious, evil member of Rocket’s species framing Rocket for murder and Rocket allows himself to be locked into a maximum security prison, regrows Groot and together they find an inmate whose boss Rocket needs to talk to.  After a prison break, the trio are faced down by the angry legion of Rocket’s ex-girlfriends, who all want him dead.
  • Robocop #2: Murphy and Lewis are reluctantly helping with a crackdown on guns that are not authorized by OCP, which is bascially every gun in Detroit, while their new public liason, Killian, riles the masses to the brink of a riot.  Lewis goes to take her detective exam while Killian has some muscle arrive in town to launch his master plan against Robocop.
  • Moon Knight #6: A jealous beat cop frequently being shown up by Moon Knight decides to take on the persona of former Moon Knight nemesis, Black Spectre, and tries to kill MK in an IED car explosion after interviewing former MK allies disguised as a SHIELD agent and training himself with darts, but he’s overpowered and taken down by Warren.  This was Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey’s final issue but Brian Wood of DMZ and artist Greg Smallwood are taking over next issue.
  • Big Trouble in Little China #3: Jack, Egg and Pete the Demon head further down the Black Road and arrive at the Temple of the Seven Widows, a being who can see the past, present and future at the same time.  They don’t seem to anticipate Jack Burton’s particular brand of bad ass, as he easily passes their feeble challenges and simply walks off with the 3 souls of the storms demanded by Lo Pan’s apprentice, who has Wang captive.  Jack, Egg and Jack are blocked from getting back into the Porkchop Express by a trio of martial artist monkeys.

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