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The Pull List 8/14


  • TMNT #37: Shredder and Krang have a tense meeting on Krang’s ship to discuss a possible merging of their forces but an encounter in the past and their mutual arrogance leads to a massive battle that puts them on path to war.
  • Hulk #5: Due to the Extremis brain operation performed by Tony Stark in an attempt to save Bruce Banner, the Hulk now has all the strength and all the brains of both halves of his personality and is now calling himself Dr. Green.  Deciding that gamma weapons must be destroyed, he creates a serum to reverse gamma effects and makes his first targer Rick Jones aka A-Bomb, but A-Bomb doesn’t want to give up his power.
  • Captain America #23: Steve Rogers, now aged and powerless after his battle with the Iron Nail, is horrified to find that Arnim Zola and his mutate army is invading NYC with aid from Red Skull.  At Avengers Tower, Steve is also shocked to find a clone of his son Ian, now grown up, who infiltrates the mansion and warns The Avengers of Zola’s even more powerful creations.  Jet Black and Falcon manage to stealth their way into Zola’s tower and find Sharon Carter locked away in a cell, who was also thought to be dead after the gateway between Zola’s dimension and the 616 dimension closed originally.
  • New Suicide Squad #2: The squad is trapped in Russia and outgunned by heavily armed robot soldiers, that the Squad was trying to get intel on.  Deathstroke abandons the team when the Russian government offers him a massive amount of money to switch sides.  Black Manta takes command and leads the team into the subway, where they have to fight their way through special forces team and Deadshot is shot multiple times and left behind.


  • Armor Hunters #3: The Armor Hunters crossover reaches a fever pitch this issue as the Unity team of heroes tries to battle the various alien threats on Earth and Aric of Dacia, fed up with the deaths of his people and the soldiers of MERO, tells Col. Capshaw that he wants to turn the armor over to the Hunters. Capshaw convinces him to pull a switch and have Livewire go up to the Gin-Gr robot/ship in orbit.  Livewire manages to hack the systems and causes a catastrophic failure and Gin-Gr crashes into Los Angeles but is still functioning and launches an attack.
  • Unity #3: While she was hacking Gin-Gr, Livewire gets a flash of Gin-Gr’s entire life, including living peacefully with other robots and then getting separated and ripped apart in space, before being rescued and retrofitted by the Armor Hunters.
  • Thunderbolts #29: The Punisher takes his revenge mission against his former team by dismembering Deadpool and placing him in various adamantium jars, which Wade seems fine with, and then targets Ghost Rider, collecting various magical weapons and, after a brutal fight, manages to separate and seemingly destroy Johnny’s demon side.  Elektra arrives and tries to get Frank to stop but Frank tells her that she’s next on his list.
  • Deadpool #33: Wade goes to the brink of his healing factor but manages to take out the ULTIMATUM mercenaries and threatens their leader, Flagsmasher, that if he ever comes after him or his daughter again, he’ll kill all his men again.  Wade then gets backup from SHIELD agents Preston and Adsit, the former of which takes Wade’s daughter into her care and Wade buys the house across the street to keep an eye on her, despite an angry call from his wife Shiklah, who had to have Dr. Strange send 70’s Dazzler back to her own time after he left her to fight vampires.


  • Godzilla: Cataclysm #1: 20 years after a massive Kaiju event, the world was basically destroyed and the surviving humans are living in the ruins, although there have been no further Kaiju sightings.  A group of young scavengers set out to try and find supplies and are attacked by, first, giant praying mantis but then Biollante and Godzilla arrive and begin to battle.
  • Astro City #14: An elderly woman named Ellie has taken it upon herself to rescue the various evil robots that have battle the various heroes of Astro City and repair and rehabilitate them and then share them with people by turning her home into a museum.   Her shady nephew arrives and tries to increase business while Ellie travels around the country to find new robots but it seems like her robots are being used for crimes again and Ellie is arrested as their owner.
  • Spider-Man 2099 #2: Still trapped in 2014, Miguel’s identity is partially uncovered by his new boss at the fledging Alchemex, Liz, who finds out that his social security #, employment history and more are all forged.  Miguel doesn’t show her that’s he’s Spider Man but that he is from the future, which she seems suitably impressed by to hold off on reporting him.
  • Star Trek #36: The JJ Abrams Star Trek crew’s adventures with Q sends them a 100 years into the future where they become prisoners of The Dominion, who have defeated the Federation, and it’s commander, Gul Dukat, but they team with a captured Benjamin Sisko and Kirk, Scotty, and a few others are beamed to the Defiant, which is enroute to meet contacts on Earth, also conquered by The Dominion.


  • Batman #34: Taking a slight “break” from the events of Batman: Eternal, Batman investigates a killer who is killing the poor and homeless patients of Dr. Leslie Thompkins.  Batman tracks the killer, who calls himself The Meek, who is a grave digger at Gotham’s potter field and, unlike most super villains of Gotham, wants to just kill enough to satisfy his appetites and then fade back into obscurity but Batman locks him in the infamous cell of The Joker and makes sure that all the bodies are found.
  • Wolverine #11: Logan and SHIELD are ready to launch a full scale attack on Sabretooth before he can alter reality with a powerful orb but Logan first goes in alone to make sure his former lover/teammate, Pinch and her daughter are safe and also to distract Sabretooth from the main attack.  Sabretooth instead flees and leaves Mystique in his place.  Pinch manges to use her powers to get the location where Sabretooth is going and Logan goes after him, but finds himself back in the shopping mall limbo where he was almost killed before by Sabretooth.
  • Batman Eternal #19: Red Hood, Batgirl and Batwoman may have found the person who framed Jim Gordon, a Mad Hatter style hypnotist named Dr. Falsario.  Red Hood has to fight off and try to bring back Batgirl, who was hypnotized into thinking she was seeing Jim Gordon Jr and The Joker.  Batman and Lt. Bard, meanwhile in Gotham, go with Killer Croc to try and find whoever is kidnapping Croc’s people and find The Ten Eyed Man in the bowels of Arkham while Jim Gordon, in Blackgate, heads into the middle of a riot to rescue captured guards.
  • Star Wars #20: Han, Leia, Chewie and Luke are on the trail of a deep cover Rebel agent who is also one of Leia’s childhood friends but have to fight off IG-88, who is after a bounty on her head.  Luke manages to use the force and fake out IG-88’s calculations, leaving him stranded in orbit while the crew rescues their agent and gets back to the Rebel Fleet with some important geological information that could help them find a new base.


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