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Musical Montage: Bobby McFerrin “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

By Zach


I think most of us are still trying to process the fact that Robin Williams is gone but a great reminder of his lovable, goofy charm is his guest starring role in the music video for Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.  Williams and fellow comic Bill Irwin just kind of goof off for two minutes in various costumes over McFerrin’s mellow, soothing tune, that is actually a little dark when you actually listen to what he’s telling you not to worry about, like your landlord suing you for late rent.  Most people didn’t really dive deep in that lyrics though and the song was a massive hit, hitting number 1 on the Billboard charts for two weeks in 1988, the first a capella song to do so.  Check out the video below.


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