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The Pull List 8/21


  • TMNT Annual 2014: Written and illustrated by TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman, he brings back the crazy intergalactic gladiator arenas of the original TMNT comics as the Turtles are whisked away by their new time traveling friend Renet, who’s currently trying to help them get back home in the Turtles in Time mini-series.  The Turtles team with a warrior named Baltizar and manage to help convince the people to rise up against their cruel dictator and abolish the violent gladiator battles before Renet sends them back home.
  • Savage Wolverine #22: Part of an elite unit in WWI, Logan single handedly takes down a German squad and allows the Allies to move across a vital bridge deeper into enemy territory.  After having a final conversation with a German officer he stabbed and bonding briefly over music, Logan makes it through the rest of war but it becomes another step him becoming the tortured man he is today.
  • Star Slammers #6: Rojas, a captured Star Slammer warrior, teams with the surviving members of the ship he’s on when telepathic, heavily armed soldiers hijack it.  While they battle through the ship, the hijackers use mind control to trick the captain and he steers the ship on collision course with the Imperial homeworld
  • Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #2: Bloodshot has a knockdown, drag out fight with Armor Hunter Lilt, who has arrived at the MERO military base to recover Malgam, a former hunter who is now infected by a strain of the XO Manowar armor.  Bloodshot has Livewire manipulate the base’s defenses so that Lilt and Malgam arrive just under the jet port of the lifting off Love Boat cruiser, which kills Lilt and almost kill Bloodshot, but the nano-machines in his body keep him alive and begin repairs while Malgam loses an arm but is still alive and angry.
  • Samurai Jack #11: Jack meets wise man Soule the Seer, who claims that he knows a ritual that can enchant Jack’s sword and allow him to hold it while it teleports back to his original time.  After a long journey, with Jack having to carry Soule on his back, Soule begins the ritual while Jack has to fight off a pack of hellhounds weaponless.  A misplaced cough by Soule causes the ritual to fail and the sword’s original magical essence seems to be gone as a result.


  • Nova #20: Nova and Rocket, poisoned by a ex-Black Nova named Adomox, are in race to find a lost Nova bunker and reprogram Sam’s helmet for Adomox’s use.  Sam instead finds an extremely helpful Nova AI at the base, with evidence that his father is not the killer he thought he was and it also allows Sam to keep his helmet out of Adomox’s hands.  With a secret weapon in the form of Cosmo, Sam takes down Adomox and Rocket gets the fifty credits Adomox owes him.  They also see a feed from the Chitauri homeworld of gladiator battles, which Sam is shocked to see his father alive and participating in.
  • Daredevil #7: Matt heads to Wakanda to try and rescue his mother, who he learned is alive and became a nun in the fallout of Original Sin.  Matt allows himself to be captured and brought before the new Black Panther, T’Challa’s sister Shuri, who is not fond of the US or outsiders.  Matt reveals he put a plan in place before arriving that forces Shuri to give up her illegal US military contact and free her prisoners.  On the way home, Matt learns his mother was suffering from horrible post-partim depression and left to protect Matt from herself and not because of abuse from her husband, which Matt thought he saw in his memory the Original Sin event unlocked.
  • Judge Dredd #22: Dredd is locked alone in Section 1 of Mega City One and has to battle the Dark Judges single handedly.  Anderson is in Dredd’s head but has to fight off Judge Death in the mental realm while Dredd fights him in the physical world.  Dredd comes up with the risky plan to drive Death into the sentient ooze sealing the section of the city, but Dredd doesn’t realize it’s intelligence has been probed away by Chief Judge Cal’s scientists.  Cal, meanwhile, sets in place a new system of total surveillance on the people of Mega City One to, according to him, prevent any future Dark Judge outbreaks.
  • Batman Eternal #20: In Blackgate, Gordon manages to rescue a group of captured guards and defeat Penguin’s men while Killer Croc, Batman and Lt. Bard rescue a young girl from the insane 10 Eyed Man in the bowels of Gotham’s sewers.  Batgirl, Batwoman and Red Hood fail to recapture the mind controlling Dr. Falsario, who is killed by an unknown assassin, but Batwoman recovers enough evidence that should prove Gordon’s mind was manipulated before the fateful subway crash that put him in jail.



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