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The Pull List 9/4


  • Death of Wolverine #1: The end is nigh for Wolverine as, without his healing factor, any number of things could kill him at any moment.  After meeting with the best minds in the Marvel Universe like Reed Richards, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner and getting no answers, Logan retreats back to Canada but faces a constant stream of mercenaries trying to claim a bounty for his capture.  A cyborg version of Nuke arrives and Logan manages to stop him and tells him to spread the word that anyone who comes after him is dead and learns that Viper is the one who put the contract out for him.
  • The Punisher #10: After getting dumped into a Costa Rican jail by Black Widow, Frank bides his time and manages to start a full scale riot that allows him to escape.  Meanwhile, LA is tearing itself apart in Frank’s absence and Dos Soles are planning a retribution attack.
  • Moon Knight #7: The first issue of the new Moon Knight with a cliffhanger finds Warren Spector up against a high tech assassin who is targeting a visiting African general.  An EMP goes off,  throwing NYC into darkness but Moon Knight fights his way through the city and catch the assassin, learning that a doctor he’s acquainted with is calling the shots.
  • Spider-Man 2099 #3: Now that Liz Allen partly knows some of the truth of why Miguel is back in the past, she forces him to accompany his grandfather, Tiberius Stone, to a war torn Middle Eastern country Alchemex is selling Spider Slayers to.  Stone is kidnapped by rebels and, when Miguel goes to rescue him, finds Scorpion working as an advance scout for Alchemex and is planning to kill the rebels with the newly activated Spider-Slayers, and Scorpion has also confused Miguel with Peter Parker and is looking for revenge.


  • Arrow Season 2.5 #1: Taking place between Seasons 2 and 3, Oliver and Roy attempt a risky attack on an incoming drug plane, attacking it mid-flight and using an auto-pilot device created by Felicity to try and guide to a safe landing but, during the fight in the plane, Roy is shot and falls from the plane 30,000 ft above Starling City.
  • Captain America #24: While the aged Steve Rogers coordinates from Avengers Tower, the rest of the team fights off the mutant hordes of Arnim Zola.  Jet Black and Falcon take on Zola himself but learn that his true plan is to detonate a bomb in the city, killing everyone in the city, including the Avengers.  With no way to disarm it in time, Falcon takes the bomb and flies it into sky, seemingly sacrificing himself to save the city.
  • Big Trouble in Little China #4: Jack and Egg manage to recover the jars containing the souls of the defeated Storms and get them back to Quiang Wu to try and get Wang released but Quiang unleashes the storms and uses their combined power to resurrect David Lo Pan, who’s understandably pissed at Jack Burton.
  • Turok #7: Turok works to train the dinosaurs of the tribe his parents fled from while Altani reports back to her father, the Khan, and learns he plans to attack Turok’s people as soon as possible.  Turok and his new friend, Batan, take their dinosaurs out on a scouting mission and run into Altani, trying to find Turok, and a misunderstanding leads to Altani killing Batan with a spear.


  • Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0: While trick r treating Deadpool unwittingly gets a USB stick with the identities of every SHIELD agent dropped into candy bucket by a hacker.  The hacker is killed by what looks like a giant, dumb version of The Punisher and Deadpool and Hawkeye, who’s apartment the hacker was killed outside of, manage to take out “Big Pun”, but an alternate Daredevil steals the hacker’s bag.  Hawkeye and Deadpool disagree on how to handle the SHIELD info, as Deadpool’s daughter Ellie is now living with an active SHIELD agent while it seems Black Cat is behind the attempted theft, working with sort of doctor to develop clones of heroes and villains.
  • Mars Attack: First Born #4: The child like story of the first Martian born on Earth comes to an end as Clare and Baby (the martian), their neighbor Lady and her two adopted sons are rescued by the military after the Martians mysteriously leave.  Clare realizes that Baby will have to go back to her actual family and, when the Martians return, she lets Baby go to them.  As a kind of thanks, they leave the visor of Clare’s Uncle Woody, who was killed by the Martians, on Clare’s doorstep.
  • Batman Eternal #22: Batman learns about the attack on Alfred but is unable to do anything about it at the moment because The Architect is attacking the under construction Beacon Tower and uses it’s namesake beacon to activate a resonating device that threatens to shake the building to the point of collapse.  The Architect’s ramblings clue Batman into the true mastermind behind the recent events, Hush.
  • Robocop #3: The villainous Killian pushes Old Detroit into the brink of all out war as he gains control of the city’s weapons and re-teams with his old partner, Nash, to resell their confiscated weapons back to the public, who were forced to give them up because of a new OCP mandate.  Lewis and Murphy find Killian’s underground network of tunnels but are ambushed by Nash, who smashes Murphy with his monster truck.
  • Rocket Raccoon #3: Rocket and Groot, managing to outrun Rocket’s pissed of ex-girlfriends, end up on the planet run by low level gangster Funtzel, who may have info on Rocket’s evil doppleganger.  Rocket doesn’t have to look far though, as his doppleganger shows up, cuts the power, has a shootout with Rocket and then reveals that he’s captured Groot.

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