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The Pull List 9/25


  • Ghostbusters #20: The final issue of the series finds Winston trying to make the ultimate sacrifice to stop Gozer’s sibling, Tiamat, from destroying the world, only to find Tiamat is more interested in a sacrifice Winston will have to live with and takes the memory that he and his wife Tiyah were ever married and Tiyah doesn’t even remember even meeting Winston.  Satisfied for now, Tiamat leaves Earth’s dimension and the Ghostbusters get back to business as usual, with Peter helping Winston by arranging a new “meet-cute” with Tiyah involving Slimer.
  • The Flash Season Zero #2: Barry recovers back at STAR Labs after his battle with the Strongman while a mysterious Medusaesque woman arrives at the Central City zoo and mind controls all the animals, unleashing them on the city.  Barry meanwhile, is called to investigate the crime scene at the bank for his day job as a CSI.
  • Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #16: Godzilla escapes from the clutches of Mecha-Ghidrah and a massive battle erupts in the backwoods of Russia, during which the evil alien overlord controlling Ghidrah and an army of Mecha-Godzillas loses his telepathic twins and their link to Ghidrah, who is forced to retreat by a tag team up by Godzilla and recovered Anguirus.
  • Samurai Jack #12: With his sword destroyed, Aku sends a message to every being on Earth to hunt down and destroy Jack.  Jack manages to fend off the first two reward seekers and buries his friend, the old wizard, who dies due to strain of the ritual he tried to perform on Jack’s sword.
  • Batman Eternal #25: In what’s not too surprising, new police commissioner Jason Bard is in the payroll of Hush and has Vicki Vale, who he’s sleeping with, to print a story claiming imminent terrorist attacks are about to hit Gotham, sending the city into a panic.  Red Robin and Tim Drake reunite while visiting Alfred in the hospital and decide the entire Bat-family needs to be assembled while Bruce faces a hologram of Hush, who gloats that he’s already won and that he will enjoy taking everything from Bruce’s life and the city.


  • Splinter Cell: Echoes #4: Sam manages to take down the HQ of the cyber terrorist group KROWE but their leader manages to escape.  Trying to go back to his civilian life, Grimsdottir calls in a favor and sends Sam to find the leader and take her out, which he does.  With KROWE destroyed, it’s second in command is recruited by The Engineers to help with the attacks that  take place in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
  • Savage Wolverine #23: Facing a group of mercs hired to take him out, Logan’s healing is slowed by a drug and retreats to the mountains he used to live in with a pack of wolves.  Befriending a runt of a new pack of wolves, Logan tries to heal and, when his new wolf friend is killed by the mercs, he unleashes his animal side and kills them all.
  • Deadpool #35: After getting his friend Kim and the other mutants created at the North Korean camp of the evil Weapon X scientist Buter to the Jean Grey School for examination, Deadpool is attacked by a wounded Dracula, who has bought an old school Spider-Slayer armor but Wade pays a bum to wear his uniform and manages to get the drop on Drac and defeat him again with some well place thermite.
  • Chew #43: Tony Chu’s daughter, Olive, has become an expert martial artist and weapon expert and gets to test her new skills on cake shop that may have intelligence on the location of an evil cibopath, or food telepath, that killed Olive’s Aunt Toni and has been hunted by Tony.  Olive doesn’t even need the help of cyber-luchador rooster Poyo to defeat the goons of the cake shop of the get the location of “the Vampire”.
  • Star Trek #37: Cast into the future by Q, the Abrams Enterprise crew is split up, with Spock and Bones stuck on  Cardassian labor camp but are helped by Quark and Dr. Bashir and brought to the Resistance while Kirk, Uhura and Scotty are brought by Benjamin Sisko to Earth, where they meet the Klingon Chancellor, Worf.  Worf is surprisingly open to helping the Enterprise crew get home but is assassinated by Dominion forces.


  • Armor Hunters #4: The epic conclusion to the Armor Hunters story is here as most of Valiant universe’s heroes unite to stop the hunters once and for all.  Aric reclaims his X-O Manowar armor and takes on Reebo, the hunter’s leader and, though he’s gravely wounded, manages to kill him while the rest of the team takes out the rest of the hunters.  Livewire manages to save Aric but now whenever he needs the armor to heal him, the part that is healed will not be organic, but part of the armor and if he takes too much damage, the armor will take him over.
  • X-O Manowar #29: Aric makes a new deal with Colonel Capshaw of MERO after the battle with the hunters in Los Angeles and he and Capshaw head to MERO to collect Malgam, who is almost killed by a traiterous MERO corporal who is trying to collect Malgam’s armor for an unknown buyer.  After stopping the attempt on Malgam, Aric uses his armor to heal Malgam and give him the same healing as himself, which also stops Malgam’s armor from spreading to the rest of his body uncontrollably.
  • Thunderbots #31: The final battle between Punisher and Red Hulk, which involves Punisher using his own Hulkbuster armor, ends due to an intervention by the Avengers and Hawkeye.  Elektra also arrives and reveals that the body of Red Leader was a fake and that Sterns is the one who tried to kill Punisher in an attempt to destroy the Thunderbolts.  Ross declares the team done and heads off, despite Hawkeye’s attempt to arrest everyone.
  • GI Joe #1: A relaunched GI Joe book finds Cobra in the position of an independent peacekeeping unit while GI Joe is on the verge of being shut down by the government.  A crisis in an Eastern European country is a major focal point for Cobra and the Joes while Cobra Youth Issac defects because he feels the new Cobra is week and joins the country’s resistance to fight them.


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