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Stretch Trailer

By Zach


The latest from Joe Carnahan feels like a throwback to the movie that kind of put him on the map, Smoking Aces, with Stretch.  Patrick Wilson stars as a limo driver who’s desperate for cash and takes a job driving around a crazed millionaire client (James Badge Dale) who apparently tips well enough to get Wilson out of a gambling debt but the job puts him through a crazy night in LA with the likes of Ed Helms, David Hasselhoff and Ray Liotta.  Jessica Alba co-stars as Wilson’s snarky dispatcher and Brookyln Decker is Wilson’s cheating girlfriend.  I definitely get a Hangover kind of vibe from this trailer but, since it’s Carnahan, the action will probably be just as crazy as the comedy.  It’s out on October 7th on Amazon and iTunes and VOD on October 14th.  Check out the trailer below.

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